Frekote® 700-NC™

  • Fast RT cure
  • High gloss and high slip
  • Releases most polymers

Frekote® 700-NC is a versatile release agent which provides high slip where mould geometry problems are encountered. It cures rapidly at RT to give a high gloss finish to the moulded parts.

Apply to clean mould surfaces by spraying, brushing or wiping with a clean, lint-free, cotton cloth. Apply up to 4 coats, allowing 5-10 min between coats. Touch up as necessary.

 Applications Mold Releases > Composite Molds
Mold Releases > Rotomolding
Mold Releases > Rubber
Mold Releases > Urethane
 Media Carrier Solvent-based
 Cure Type Moisture
 RoHS Compliant Contact Henkel

Description: Release agent
Appearance: Clear liquid
Application temperature: 15-135°C
Dry time between coats @ RT: 5 min
Final Cure Time @ RT: 15-20 min
Final Cure Time @ 100°C: 5 min
Thermal stability: up to 400°C

Description Pack Size No/Ctn Order No.
Release Agent 1 l Metal Can 1 380957
5 l Metal Can 1 380963
25 l Metal Drum 1 380964
208 l Drum 1 380965

Technical Data Sheets (TDS)