Our current material has a thermal conductivity of 0.45 W/mK. How does the hotmelt compare?

Thermal conductivity




 Thermal conductivity




 1  ----  25,0  0,208  0.0016  10  Ok
 2  ----  30,0  0,209  0.0020  10  Ok
 3  ----  40,0  0,188  0.0021  10  Ok
 4  ----  80,0  0,188  0.0012  10  Ok
 5  ----  100,0  0,188  0.0019  10  Ok
 6  ----  120,0  0,188  0.0015  10  Ok
 7  ----  150,0  0,186  0.0021  10  Ok
 8  ----  160,0  0,187  0.0012  10  Ok
 9  ----  200,0  0,187  0.0026  10  Ok

What is the shrinkage rate?

Since some of our products contain surface mount devices, high shrinkage rates might stress the board bond.
The shrinking rate after molding ranges from 1-2 %. See also the answer to question one.

Hotmelts are reported to be less flexible than two parts and may crack?

We do not have this experience. The Henkel hotmelt products for molding have excellent elongation values. Please look at our product range file.

Does the material react with plasticizers in PVC cable insulation?

Test have shown that plasticizers migrate from the PVC to our hotmelts. It depends on the type of PVC and on the type of the plasticizer whether the plasticizer is compatible with the particular PVC. In our experience this migration does not affect adhesion. However for every project, adhesion and compatibility have to be tested.

Chemical resistance: Some of our products are fitted to gasoline tankers and other bulk carrier vehicles. Is it true that hotmelts are not resistant to chemical aggression?

Henkel's hotmelt molding products have been used for many years in different applications (car industry, white goods, electronic industry). They are resistant to various chemicals. The resistance depends on the product chosen for the application. Please refer to the lists giving data on resistance to chemicals.

What is the typical shrinkage of the materials?

Shrinkage varies during injection and can usually be controlled by packing the mold with pressure. The shrinkage rate 24 hours after injection is less than 1%.

Will the part maintain dimensional stability after molding?

Shrinkage ranges from 1 to 2% for the different materials.

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