Top Quality for Metal Machining

MULTAN is positioned as the global brand of Henkel Adhesives Technologies for metalworking fluids

Henkel has been produced metalworking cutting fluids for over 30 years, and the MULTAN brand name has been on the market just as long. The present range of cutting fluids, both standard and special products for metalworking operations originates from Henkel’s own development work but also from company acquisitions.  This resulted in an inconsistent international branding. Since 2003, in order to emphasise the high performance of these cutting fluids as a global brand, the whole product range has been marketed under the common brand name MULTAN.  In this way Henkel Adhesives Technologies emphasises its competence as a supplier of modern cutting fluids, compatible with the whole production process and materials, strengthening at the same time its competitive position globally in this very heterogenic market segment.

Cutting fluids represent a significant productivity factor in the metalworking industry. Increasing machining performance and quality requirements demand products able to keep in step with this development. The highest requirements must also be met in respect to health and safety, operator acceptance and environmental protection. From the very beginning the cutting fluids Henkel has developed, produced and marketed have always been counted to the most innovative state of the art products on the market.