Advanced metal machininig technologies, services and safety.

Multan range and P3-neutracare® 3000

Innovative cutting fluids and neutral cleaners from Henkel bring major improvements in metal cutting operations.
Balsam for parts, tools and employees.

Optimal lubrication makes all the difference

Water-miscible cutting fluid from Henkel proves its worth at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen.

Reduced Tool Wear

Jürgen Geke and Henry Roßmaier
Coolant improves surface finish and extends tool service life in machining aluminum alloys.

Systematic in-vitro studies of cutting fluids

W. Pittermann, W. Holtmann and M. Kietzmann
An in-vitro test method was used to study 10 water-soluble and straight cutting fluids of the Multan® range in form of concentrates or ready-to-use emulsions in order to determine their local compatibility.

New lubricoolant from Henkel

enables magnesium machining without deposit formation
Press release

The universal lubricoolant Multan 71-10 SK

as used in Skoda’s engine production
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Lubricoolants from Henkel make significant gains

Press release, July 24, 2007

Multan turns 30 -

Henkel Technologies: Pioneers in Developing Cutting Fluids

Premium products for the metal cutting industries

- Henkel Positions MULTAN as World-wide Flagship Brand for Cutting Fluids

Metal forming using water revolutionizes

component manufacturing in the automotive industry - Henkel Technologies offers matched Fluid-System for hydroforming

Setting standards in metal processing -

Henkel’s cutting fluids designed to optimize the entire production process

Henkel sets high standards with Multan 97-10 D

- The unbelievable cutting fluid