11/30/2006, Düsseldorf und Lyon


Next generation of solar roofs

Henkel enables the implementation of a solar roof off the roll

At this year's Pollutec in Lyon, the leading French environmental trade show, Henkel and Solar Integrated jointly received the Silver Award of the European Environmental Press (EEP).

The award was conferred in recognition of the idea to integrate solar cells into flexible roofing membranes and its successful implementation. The solar roof off the roll can be easily installed on flat roofs. Henkel, as a supplier of innovative systems solutions, engineered the Macromelt and Purmelt brand high tech adhesives and sealants that were required to accomplish this, thereby playing a major role in the development of this innovative technology.

Henkel and Solar Integrated were selected as award-winners by a European jury composed of members of EEP and delegates from the European Federation of Associations of Environmental Professionals (EFAEP). The jury's decision was based mainly on the innovativeness, quality, efficiency and environmental effectiveness of the solar roof off the roll.

"The EEP Award confirms that we are on the right path with our policy of developing innovations for future technologies and is a high honor which recognizes the work we have already done in this direction," said Klaus Marten, Head of General Industry at Henkel Technologies. "We would like to thank our business partner Solar Integrated for their excellent collaboration."

The key elements of the new technology are dark-blue, shimmering, thin film solar cells. Adhesives and sealants from Henkel are used to bond the solar modules to the roofing membranes and seal the edges. Four to six modules are laminated to a six-meter long and two to three-meter wide weatherproof polymer membrane to form a solar panel. The panel can simply be laid directly off the roll and connected to any number of other panels.
Although the adhesives and sealants account for only a small part of the total volume of the end product, the quality of the bonding and sealing is ultimately crucial for longterm reliable functioning of these solar panels. "One special challenge in developing these adhesives and sealants was meeting the multiple requirements they have to fulfill. In addition to bonding the different components absolutely reliably, they also had to satisfy the technical requirements of the production process used to make the system," said Reimar Heucher, Head of Global Product Development for General Industry at Henkel Technologies.

The EEP is a Europe-wide association of sixteen environmental magazines. Each member is considered the leader in its country and is committed to building links between 400,000 environmental professionals across Europe in both the public and private sectors.

Solar Integrated Technologies, Inc. (SIT: AIM.LN) is a Los Angeles-based company that manufactures, designs and installs building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) roofing systems for non-residential, low-slope rooftops. SIT is a global leader in the development of an innovative and proprietary BIPV roofing system that combines flexible thin-film solar modules with a single-ply roofing membrane for large-scale commercial and industrial applications. Its BIPV roofing system makes it possible to transform a traditional rooftop into a value-generating asset. SIT customers include Coca-Cola Enterprises, Frito-Lay, Honeywell, ProLogis, San Diego Unified School District, Toyota, U.S. Air Force, U.S. GSA, U.S. Navy and Wal-Mart.

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