02/08/2007, Düsseldorf / Germany


Groundbreaking ideas for market success

25th edition of the Fritz Henkel Award for Innovation

Innovativeness has a long tradition at Henkel. The relentless striving of Company founder Fritz Henkel to devise new products is still a shining example today for the Company’s employees. Every year, for the past 25 years, teams composed of researchers, product developers, engineers, and marketing and sales experts have been rewarded with the Fritz Henkel Award for Innovation for product innovations that have proved especially successful on the market. Today, Henkel honored four teams as the winners for the year 2006.

In addition to 100 Years of Persil, Henkel is celebrating a younger but no less important anniversary this year: 25 years of the Fritz Henkel Award for Innovation stand for the systematic fostering of a very special innovation culture throughout the Company. “Henkel is so internationally successful today because we have succeeded again and again in creating forward-looking solutions. And once again, we have four teams whose new developments have been enthusiastically welcomed by consumers and markets alike,” said Albrecht Woeste, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and the Shareholders’ Committee of Henkel KGaA, on February 8 at the awards ceremony for the winners of the 2006 awards.

The ceremony also clearly reflected the broad diversity of Henkel’s businesses. The four winning innovations ranged from a fabric softener to a floor leveling compound and from a hair treatment to an industrial cleaner, all of which were launched simultaneously in several countries. And the multinational composition of the teams themselves underscored the global scope of the Company’s operations. The Fritz Henkel Award for Innovation was conferred for the following projects.

Vernel and Silan Aromatherapy: This fabric softener with essential oils not only softens laundry but also imbues it with a fascinating fragrance.

Gliss Kur Total Repair 19: A high-performance formula with 19 active ingredients restructures the hair and protects its surface.

Thomsit XXL: Very low-emission floor leveling compound that creates mirror-smooth surfaces for installation of floorcoverings and parquet.

P3 Disperse for LCD Color-Filter-Cleaning: A series of highly concentrated, water-based specialty cleaners for the manufacture of high-performance color filters for LCD flatscreens.

“Innovation is the key to the future,” asserted Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lehner, Chairman of the Management Board of Henkel KGaA. Congratulating the winners, he continued: “Companies that can empathize with their customers, anticipate their future wishes and be the first to provide an answer to them have the all-important ability to stay ahead of the competition and to enhance their corporate value.