04/25/2007, Düsseldorf / Germany


“Henkel Innovation Trophy”, Round 2

Henkel Inventors’ Competition On Track for Success

The first round of the “Henkel Innovation Trophy” competition has proven to be a resounding success. The response from inventors around the world to this first global ideas competition from Henkel has been exceptional. Consequently, Henkel is now moving the initiative further forward under the new heading “Henkel Innovation Trophy – Partners in Innovation”. Once again, the company is calling upon all independent inventors to submit their creative ideas for appraisal. There is an attractive cash prize awaiting the winner, as well as the opportunity of signing an agreement with Henkel covering utilization of the proprietary rights assigned to the innovation.
For Henkel, innovations are of strategic importance, given that it is the company’s vision and mission to make people’s lives easier, better and more beautiful with innovative brands and technologies. Henkel has made it a goal to identify the needs and wishes of customers and consumers before they themselves are even aware of them. The company has long enjoyed success in casting its net in external waters as a means of supplementing its in-house expertise – through collaborations with research institutes, universities and other companies – in order to further strengthen its creativity and efficiency in product development.

Last December heralded the first round of the worldwide inventors’ competition for the “Henkel Innovation Trophy”. This was Henkel’s first foray into the world of the independent inventor, an initiative aimed at appealing to these creative minds to submit their ideas for product development. The response – from inventors around the world – has been very positive. Now a jury of experts is beginning the process of evaluating the candidate innovations and sifting out the likely winners.

Because of the good results achieved already, Henkel has decided to initiate a second round to follow seamlessly on from the first submission deadline of April 16. The quest is to continue under the heading “Henkel Innovation Trophy – Partners in Innovation”. As before, Henkel is inviting all independent inventors to submit their registered designs, utility models, published patent applications and granted patents for products and processes. The concepts devised should fit in with one of the three business sectors that make up Henkel: Laundry & Home Care, Cosmetics/Toiletries and Adhesives Technologies.

Participation could not be easier. An online form is available on the company’s websites http://www.henkel.com or http://www.henkelusa.com/, and candidates merely need to fill this in and send it back. The submission deadline is December 31, 2007. Each of these novel ideas will be subjected to a detailed examination by a select body of internal and external experts in order to determine its innovative content, the extent to which it fits in with Henkel’s business activities and its market potential.

The best idea will receive the “Henkel Innovation Trophy”. In addition, the winner will be offered the unique opportunity of entering into an agreement with Henkel covering the utilization of the associated proprietary rights. As part of the “Henkel Innovation Trophy” initiative, Henkel is cooperating closely with national and international inventor associations.