02/12/2007, Düsseldorf / Germany


International, interdisciplinary, and successful

Henkel presents Research / Technology Invention Award

Henkel today honored three of its own research teams and their university and industrial cooperation partners for their outstanding results. The work carried out by these teams establishes the basis for innovative products and opens up new technologies for Henkel.

31 Henkel experts from six sites in Europe and the USA, 14 cooperation partners from four universities and research companies as well as two firms have all pooled their expertise in chemistry, biology and engineering, from basic research to product development to manufacturing, in three different Henkel projects, thus paving the way to new Henkel products and production technologies.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lehner, Chairman of the Management Board of Henkel KGaA, and Dr. Wolfgang Gawrisch, CTO Research/Technology, honored the three research teams at an awards ceremony in Düsseldorf on February 12. In choosing the winning projects, the jury’s decision was based mainly on the far-reaching benefits for Henkel and the inventive character of the work.
“I firmly believe that it is our intensive use of available knowledge that makes us competitive,” said Lehner at the awards ceremony. “But we also have to make this knowledge work for us. The award-winning projects demonstrate the success of this strategy for Henkel.”

Gawrisch added: “Knowing about knowledge is one thing. But the real challenge of the future will be to turn that knowledge quickly and effectively into practical solutions with high quality value. With these awards our intention is to set signals for everyone, showing them the course we want to take – an international, interdisciplinary, and successful one. With their projects the three teams have given us shining examples to follow.”

Henkel has a long tradition of recognizing outstanding research results and innovations with inhouse awards. The Fritz Henkel Award for Innovation has been presented annually since 1982 for innovative processes and products that have achieved exceptional market success. The Research/Technology Invention Award is another instrument that Henkel uses to honor excellence in research – with a special emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration.

The Research/Technology Invention Award 2006 was conferred on three teams composed of Henkel scientists and cooperation partners for the following innovations:

Chrome-free primer:
A resource-conserving and environmentally compatible corrosion protection system (primer) for metal pretreatment in aircraft construction has been developed.

HELIOZ - Henkel Line Optimization Planning Cockpit:
HELIOZ is an innovative, mobile diagnostic and planning tool with which Henkel optimizes packaging lines in production quickly, easily and reliably.

Systems for controlling industrial fermentation (BioChips):
This project involves the development of a DNA-based diagnostic tool for monitoring fermentation processes, e.g. in the production of enzymes for Henkel laundry detergents.