07/23/2009, Düsseldorf / Germany


New anaerobic Loctite Products in 2009


Leading in Health & Safety

With the new threadlockers Loctite 2400 and Loctite 2700 Henkel once again asserts its position as a technology leader. The latest innovations to come out of the company’s Dublin labs are a medium and a high-strength threadlocker with a “white” Material Safety Data Sheet.

Sustainability has become a buzz word in the business community. What exactly does sustainability mean, though? That is the question that Henkel Product Manager Erik Edelmann and his team asked their industrial customers. Henkel is convinced that effective environmental protection and social progress are the foundation of lasting economic success. At the same time, only economically successful companies will be able to contribute to effective environmental protection and social progress. One single ‘reconciliation’ of interest cannot achieve sustainable development or a sustainable society. Only continuous reassessment and an open dialogue will lead to long-term viable solutions for the Company, society and the environment,” says Edelmann.

With the new threadlockers Loctite 2400 and Loctite 2700, Henkel again broke new ground in occupational health and safety. The medium-strength threadlocker Loctite 2400 and the high-strength threadlocker Loctite 2700 are a leap forward, because they both have a “white” Material Safety Data Sheet”. This means that according to the tough EC Regulations No. 1907/2006 - ISO 11014-1 both threadlockers do not carry any hazard symbols, risk or safety phrases. In addition, they do not contain any declarable carcinogenic, mutagenic and reproductive toxins.

Never sacrifice performance
As usual, the Henkel specialists in the Dublin technology centre were working together very closely with their customers during the development process. Not willing to sacrifice performance, the team worked more than a year on the project and finally made it happen: they developed products that retained the customary high Loctite® performance with a “white” bill health and safety bill.

“Luckily we had the chance to co-operate with highly sophisticated and demanding customers”, says Edelmann. The customer's medical officers took a personal interest in the project and gave direct feedback on the various prototypes. Loctite engineers set a new standard in the realm of industrial threadlocking, taking this technology one step further.

No compromise on performance
Medium-strength threadlocker Loctite 2400 is fluorescent blue with a viscosity of 3000 mPa•s and a shear strength on steel of 9 N/mm². The high-strength Loctite 2700 is fluorescent green, has a viscosity of 500 mPa•s and a shear strength of 18 N/mm². Once cured, both products offer excellent resistance against most industrial chemicals. They achieve good thermal resistance, withstanding continuous operating temperatures up to 150 °C.

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