9/21/2010, Düsseldorf / Germany


Henkel at the HUSUM WindEnergy 2010 fair

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High-performance adhesives for the wind energy industry

In the last few years, development work on advanced structural adhesives has consistently contributed to the realization of increasingly efficient wind turbines. For demanding applications in the wind energy industry, Henkel will be presenting innovative adhesive technologies as well as highly effective mold release agents for perfect processing of composites at HUSUM WindEnergy 2010.

For applications in the wind energy industry, Henkel already offers a broad product range of adhesives and sealants. These include UV- and weathering-resistant sealants for steel tower segments, anaerobic threadlocking systems, and various adhesives for component bonding. With Macroplast UK 1340, Henkel is introducing at HUSUM WindEnergy 2010 the first GL-certified polyurethane adhesive for wind energy turbine manufacture that meets the standards for bonding rotor blades with thermoset adhesives. Manufacturers of wind turbines profit from this new technology, which offers them greater freedom in designing their manufacturing processes, higher productivity, lower costs, and improved eco-performance.

Macroplast UK 1340 impresses users with its fast cure characteristics. Polyurethane-based adhesives react much faster than the conventionally used epoxy resins and thus accelerate the process and significantly boost the productivity. Thanks to the lower exothermal reaction during application, this two-component Henkel adhesive considerably reduces both the duration and the temperature of the tempering phase. For rotor blade manufacturers, this means considerable energy-saving potential, which has a positive ecological impact on the overall assessment. At the same time, because it is applied at low temperatures, the adhesive reduces the likelihood of stress cracking. Another positive feature is its excellent wetting behavior, which considerably shortens time-consuming and costly preliminary work such as sanding and laminating.

Mold release made simple
Henkel’s Frekote mold release agents stand for performance, quality and value. For more than 40 years, users have relied on these products to safely release complex and expensive materials from the mold. Frekote offers a comprehensive range of formulations for composite systems, including epoxies, polyester, vinyl ester and polyurethane. The focus has always been on developing advanced product solutions, such as the water-based Frekote release agents designed for epoxy resin components and polyester gelcoat. At live demonstrations during the trade show, visitors can view the mould release application process from preparation, cleaning and sealing, to applying the release agent. Experts from Henkel will be available throughout to share ‘hints and tips’ for best practice and troubleshooting.

Visitors can learn all about the latest product innovations at Henkel’s stand (2E12) at the HUSUM WindEnergy 2010 fair.

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