10/27/2010, Düsseldorf / Germany


New Teroson sealing system

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Original seal in record time

Modern car bodies contain numerous joint seals that must be reapplied when a repair is made.  Through the use of the new sealants Terostat 9120 SuperFast & Terostat 9320 SuperFast 6in1, workshops can shorten this process considerably. In combination with the patented PowerLine II / flat and wide-stream nozzle application system, the seals can also be given a true OEM look. 

Whether welded, riveted or screwed down - all these connections must be carefully sealed after repair.  In addition, Henkel has now developed a completely new sealing technology for the automotive repair market under the Teroson brand to help repairers save a lot of time.  The new, patented sealing system consists of the product Terostat 9120 SuperFast (highly viscous and ideal for wide joints as the primary material; while for sprayable seam sealing Henkel recommends Terostat 9320 SuperFast 6in1) together with the newly-developed applicator nozzles (flat and wide-spray nozzles) and the PowerLine II application gun.

In direct comparison to conventional sealant systems, single-component products offer a unique combination of characteristics: Terostat 9120/9320 SuperFast allows primer-less adhesion to all common surfaces, and may be spot-welded while wet. The extremely fast curing time is another benefit, because the new sealants from Henkel cure twice as fast as the original Terostat 9120/9320 products.  Even after 30 minutes, water- or solvent-based repair paints can be reapplied "wet on wet"; optimal paint adhesion is ensured by recoating up to three days after material application.  By using Terostat 9120 / 9320 SuperFast, the vehicle is roadworthy again in no time. 

Real flatstream seal after repair
A world premiere presented by Henkel - the new Teroson Powerline II application system and the new nozzles.  While the high quality of Teroson brand sealants meets demanding OEM standards, it was not possible until now to replicate the appearance of the structural seams applied by robots when making repairs.  Henkel experts have now achieved a breakthrough with the development of a special application nozzle for the new Teroson sealants in connection with the Teroson PowerLine II air gun. This exclusive application system ensures that repair work and original work are indistinguishable from each other.

The new powerful Teroson PowerLine II air gun with an integrated pressure gauge is used for applying the correct amount of sealant from cartridges.  It is very smooth in operation and stands out with a continuously-adjustable material flow. 
True replication of robotic-assisted OEM flatstream applications can be achieved through the use of a new flat-spray nozzle.  In combination with Terostat 9320 SuperFast 6in1 multifunction sealant, almost any type of flat-stream sealant bead can be produced - with a rippled or smooth surface and clearly defined edges, and without needing to be masked or cleaned subsequently.  Also possible is the restoration of noise-absorbing insulation strips, which are now found on the surface of the body instead of the previously applied bitumen mats. Using a second wide-stream nozzle, Terostat 9120 SuperFast may be applied in different widths by tailoring the nozzle to the required width.

For the first time ever, Henkel now offers Terostat 9120 / 9320 SuperFast, Teroson PowerLine II and its special nozzle in a complete sealant system. With it, workshops can restore the damaged bodywork to its original OEM look in the shortest time possible. This increases customer satisfaction and offers businesses the opportunity to establish themselves as competent specialists for vehicle repairs.

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