12/6/2010, Düsseldorf / Germany


New PowerFlex Control by Loctite

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Loctite brings advanced technology to consumers

Loctite is a brand with a vast industrial expertise that tailors the most advanced formulas also for consumers’ needs. Best example is the new PowerFlex Control that offers the most advanced superglue formula in the most advanced dispenser.

Loctite is a leading adhesive brand with a proven track record of success – no matter what has to be held together, Loctite can face the challenge. The toughest applications already prove it: Loctite products are used in Dakar race cars, in Terex special trucks for construction or to manufacture Porsche race cars to name but a few examples. Even in helicopters Loctite products are applied.

Industrial performance for consumers
Loctite doesn’t just focus on industrial applications. Consumers can also rely on Loctite for their daily gluing jobs such as fixing broken toys, gluing electronic devices or repairing porcelain.

Powerflex: Extra strong and flexible formula
PowerFlex is the strongest superglue by Loctite. Its formula contains rubber particles making it the first flexible instant adhesive in the market. This innovation combines the best features of superglues – it is strong and it instant – with the features provided by the rubber particles: flexibility, extra strength and shock resistance. This combination makes it ideal even for flexible materials – so the favorite leather watch or sneakers can be fixed easily.

New Control: Innovative dispensing system for precise dosage
The innovative formula is now available in the most advanced dispensing system “New Control”. Its large nozzle and its easy grip surface allow the most precise application. In addition, its new cap prevents clogging of the adhesive in the nozzle – for great results time after time.

Loctite PowerFlex Control is available in stores since January 2010.

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