First threadlocker in tape form: Loctite Quick Tape 249

Convenient and portable – under the Loctite brand Henkel has developed the first threadlocker in tape form. Loctite QuickTape 249 is a dry-to-the-touch, medium-strength threadlocker packaged on tape roll. Neat, clean and mess-free, this innovative threadlocker provides the same reliable performance as liquid threadlockers, yet can be carried in a pocket or toolbox. The material is applied just like any other tape product: peeled from the spool and wrapped around the fasteners threads.

The size of the fastener determines the number of wraps required for secure locking and sealing.This tape threadlocker fixtures in just 30 minutes with full cure in 24 hours, and offers a wide operating temperature range from -65°F to 300°F. It can even be pre-applied to fasteners up to 28 days before they are used.

The Loctite QuickTape 249 package features a compact and convenient design that makes it toolbox, tool belt and pocket friendly. A must have for every tool box! The innovative threadlocker tape, has even received the 2010 Gold Maintenance Product of the Year Award from Plant Engineering magazine.