Diversity in Perspective

For us, it is important that all our employees are provided with an opportunity to understand the link between Henkel’s economic success, our global Diversity & Inclusion strategy and their own value-adding contribution.

Consequently, all the Diversity & Inclusion seminars are practically structured and business-aligned in order to impart both general and specific knowledge of what Diversity & Inclusion is all about. We want to provide our employees and their line managers with competence in the field of Diversity & Inclusion in order to enable them to fully and freely develop their knowledge and capabilities at their workplace.

Within the scope of our Diversity seminars, we offer Diversity & Inclusion training courses, eLearning tools and also individual (team) workshops that can be readily modified to suit prevailing circumstances and requirements.


Latest news and recent discussions about Diversity issues can be found on our henkeldiversity.com blog.

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