Life Balance

Pay for Performance
Adaptability, mobile solutions and home offices. These buzzwords represent facilities and choices that we offer our employees in order to render their working life as flexible as possible, and to tailor it to their own particular circumstances.

By adopting this accommodating approach, Henkel endeavors to create an environment in which creative and exceptional talents are encouraged to develop to their full extent within a conducive working environment. Options such as flexible working time, part-time work, job sharing and home office arrangements offer employees the possibility of reconciling their working with their private lives. Smartphones and mobile terminals also help, increasing the degree of autonomy that can be afforded to each individual.

Persil Service – not just for Henkel employees
Whether because of business schedules, long commuting distances or the demands of home, family and a career, the hours spent doing the laundry at home or the additional distances that have to be travelled to the local launderette mean more expense and more time lost. Consequently, Henkel has introduced a convenient and time-saving alternative for its employees: the “Persil Service.” With this, people can deposit their washing at various service points in personalized “Comfort Bags.” The laundry is then returned after just a short time, freshly washed and cleaned. The good news is that this service is not reserved for Henkel employees alone, but can also be introduced without great cost in other companies as well.

Health Management
The departments of Henkel’s Social Services unit and the Company Medical Service not only offer individual advice but also seminars on how to combat addiction and avoid burn-out. The objective is to enhance employee satisfaction and encourage the adoption of a healthier lifestyle among our people. Included in this approach is the provision of a balanced range of dishes in the canteens, together with activities undertaken with the support of local sports club SFD ’75.

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