Within this context, the Management Board, Shareholders’ Committee and Supervisory Board have committed themselves to the following principles:

  • Value creation as the foundation of our managerial approach
  • Sustainability as a criterion for responsible management
  • Transparency underpinned by an active and open information policy

For Henkel, good corporate governance means responsible, transparent management and control aligned to long-term generation of shareholder value.

Management Board Shareholders' Committee Supervisory Board

The Management Board of Henkel Management AG, the sole personally liable partner of Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, is responsible for the management of Henkel’s business.

The Shareholders’ Committee is involved in the management of the business on behalf of the Annual General Meeting.

The Supervisory Board is responsible for regularly monitoring and advising the Management Board in its stewardship of the company.

Albrecht Woeste

Honorary Chairman of the Henkel Group