The Career Advisor: Mentoring Programs at Henkel

In it origins, the word “mentor” refers to a figure from Greek mythology: in Homer’s “Odyssey”, Mentor appears as a friend of Hero’s and specifically protects and advises Odysseus’ son Telemachus. It is from this that we have derived our present-day definition of the term “mentor”: for us, it means an experienced employee willing to hand on his or her knowledge and expertise to “mentees,” i.e. less experienced colleagues.

Trust, Openness, Honesty
2011 saw the launch of a global mentoring program at Henkel, which is to be introduced on a step-by-step basis. On the initiative of the Women in Leadership network, the concept of mentoring has become established in various areas of Henkel and countries in which Henkel is represented. Mentoring closes the gap between our comprehensive training and continuous personal development offerings, and the classic leadership function of a manager. Over the long term, the program is expected to be made available to all interested Henkel employees.

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