Reconciling Career and Family

On May 25, 2011, Henkel was awarded – for a third time – the “berufundfamilie” [Career and Family] audit certificate conferred by the Hertie-Stiftung charity. This honor confirms the high level of priority assigned by an employer to reconciling the needs of the family with the demands of a career. And in the inter-company competition “Erfolgsfaktor Familie” [Success Factor: Family], Henkel in 2008 was named as one of the ten best major companies in Germany.

Henkel assists its employees in reconciling their professional commitments with their personal plans and circumstances. At the Düsseldorf-Holthausen site there are two company-run nursery schools offering a number of Henkel employees the possibility of qualified childcare close to their place of work. In spring 2013 the third nursery school will ofer additional 80 places for children of Henkel employees. In addition, the company’s Social Services unit undertakes a wide range of support activities including not only the arrangement of reliable childcare but also emergency support for employees with relatives in need of care.

Parental Leave Passport
In order to facilitate employees their re-entry into professional life after their parental leave, the Global Diversity & Inclusion Management unit has introduced a so-called “Parental Leave Passport”. In addition to useful information concerning the legal arrangements, rights and duties, employees on parental leave also receive, in particular, valuable advice and tips to enable them to ease their way back into work again once the time comes for them to return.

Parents’ Network
The parents’ network Eltern@Henkel was founded at the company in the middle of 2010. The project idea was the winner of the Familien@Unternehmen [Families@Companies] competition and is financially supported by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The purpose of the Parents’ Network is to provide a voice and a forum for the discussion of the family-related needs of parents, not just mothers but also and in particular fathers. It is all about the proactive creation of a family-friendly working environment and the interchange of information and experience by Henkel-employed parents with one another. The Parents’ Network has given rise to three working groups responsible for certain issues and focal concerns.

International Examples
A further example for the reconcilability of family and work can be found in the collaboration between our Austrian company and the firm known as Employee Service. The latter offers our employees comprehensive advice and support in the fields of conflict mediation, health, pregnancy and family affairs. And working in Spain together with the service provider “Más Vida Red” (More Life Network), we are also developing a program at our national sites comprised of various training courses and service and support activities related to family and work.

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