Aircraft Machine Grinding & Cutting

Henkel offers a complete line of machine coolants for cutting and grinding under the Multan product brand. 

The Multan series of cutting and grinding machine coolants are available in various chemistries including straight oils, soluble oils, semi synthetics and full synthetics. The Multan B series of products are bio-resistant, semi synthetic lubricants with additives for extreme pressure and lubricity.
The Multan CR series provides a durable product for light to heavy applications and feature a series of straight oil based products for machining and grinding ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
The Multan synthetic series includes Multan 3105, an oil rejecting synthetic fluid for machining, grinding and roll forming.

Multan machine coolants increase operation time in the grinding of aerospace metals such as stainless steel, magnesium, titanium and aluminum. Multan products are designed for longer bath life and result in reduced waste and reduced coolant purchases.

Multan machine coolants and fluids are used in the machine grinding and cutting process to increase tool life while protecting the machined part from heat and abnormal wear.   Machine coolants are used to rinse away scrap pieces of metal from the machining operations while cooling the part and grinding surfaces. Machine coolants also provide a lubricity to improve the microfinish on finished parts and prolong the cutting tools’ life. Multan products also are bio-stable which reduces worker exposure, smell and the need to replace the machine coolants.