The BONDERITE M-NT Process (former TECTALIS)

Metal Pre-Treatment - New Technology

The BONDERITE Metal Pre-Treatment New Technology Process (BONDERITE M-NT) is the fast, easy, green and efficient alternative to zinc phosphate: It is an innovative multi-metal pre-treatment which leads to superior corrosion resistance and paint adhesion on the level of zinc phosphating.

A Nano Process with thin Coatings

BONDERITE M-NT forms a cohesive, inorganic, high-density coating.This protective layer is significantly thinner than zinc phosphate coating and has been specifically developed for all metal surfaces, like steel, zinc and aluminum.

BONDERITE Metal Pre-Treatment New Technology is suitable for dip and spray applications.

BONDERITE M-NT coatings are generally less than 100 nm in thickness. Being a typical representative of the nanoceramics, it combines ecological saving potentials with superior quality and performance.



  • Less process steps
  • Shorter cycle time
  • Increasing production rate significantly
  • Shorter contact time
  • Broader operation window leads to higher flexibilty
  • Simple control via Standard process control
  • Less control parameters
  • Easy-to-handle on-line analytics
  • Reliable superior quality
  • Simple to install

  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Less sludge
  • Less water
  • No heating/energy savings
  • Major cost savings
  • Less energy
  • Less maintenance
  • Higher productivity for existing lines
  • Lower investment cost for new lines


Robust Process
Robust Process: The operation window of BONDERITE M-NT is in general broader while still delivering superior quality.
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Process Control
Process Control: The Lineguard Systems with remote control can be adapted to all existing measuring and dosing units. It does not interfer with existing control systems.
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Analytics: In cooperation with a leading photometer supplier a simle on-line method to check the active ingredients of BONDERITE M-NT within five minutes was developed. Tedious manual handling is omitted.
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Major Cost Savings
BONDERITE M-NT stands for major cost savings in comparison to traditional zinc phosphating lines.
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Why is BONDERITE M-NT 'green'?

BONDERITE M-NT coatings are composed of nanoceramics. Thus, the BONDERITE M-NT conversion coating is free of nickel, phosphate, VOC and CO2 equivalent emissions resulting in minimal environmental impact. Sludge formation is marginal, leading to significant savings in maintenance and disposal.

BONDERITE M-NT is applied at ambient  temperature, reducing utilities and natural resource requirements. Thus, the pretreatment footprint can be reduced significantly in a brownfield site as well as in a greenfield operation.

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