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Hair Specials

A wide spectrum af hairstyling.
Our hair specials show you the variety of styling! Whether in the office in the morning, at sports in the afternoon, or at a romantic dinner in the evening - in only a few steps you can create a look, which is perfect for any occasion and leaves a lasting impression.

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Hints & Tips

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Step by Step
Step by Step

Schwarzkopf professional styling tips for you.
Create some variety on your head: With these practical steps, you can create completely new and uncomplicated variations of your hairstyle.

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Hair & Care
Hair & Care

Healthy hair needs regular care.
Here you can discover step-by-step instructions for the right way to use our products and truly understand the importance of daily care routines.

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Hair & Color

From intensive color to natural highlights.
We have devoted a whole section of our site to helping you understand the types of color and applications available, because we believe that a good understanding breeds better choice. Read more about coloring your hair here.

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Hair & Styling
Hair & Styling

Mastering the finishing touch.
In this section we give you some practical tips on working with different styling tools and products to get the best results without damaging your hair in the process. In addition, we can help you choose the most appropriate products to match your particular hair type.

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