Aok is the natural skin care specialist for clear, pure and radiant skin. For more than 120 years Aok has been using the power of nature in order to produce effective but gentle products. For a beautiful and naturally pure skin. (German)

NEW: Aok First Beauty
Aok Pur Balance
NEW: Aok Aqua Minerals
Aok BIO Expert

The Aok range today focuses on the skin of younger women at the age of 14-45 years, who prefer natural face care.

In Germany, Aok is the natural face expert for pure, clear skin as natural ingredients are chosen because of their special effectiveness.
The portfolio consists of cleansing, caring and covering products - today presenting four ranges:

1. Aok First Beauty for very young & pure skin at the age of 14+
2. Aok Pur Balance for pure skin from 20 on
3. Aok Aqua Minerals for a firm and pure skin at the age of 30+ and
4. Aok BIO Expert for the age of 30+ based on 99% natural ingredients.