This page will help you understand what is expected from each team.


How to imagine the future:

Research online and collect information to get an idea of how you would imagine life in 2030.

Then use the information you have collected to imagine the needs of consumer or customers in 2030:

  • what will the consumers’ needs be in their household consumption of adhesives or products for personal care and laundry care?
  • which new adhesive, sealant or surface treatment will industries need?
  • which new technology could Henkel provide for its clients?


Which Henkel brand or technology to choose?

Go to the Henkel web site of your country and check out the Brands and Solutions page.
Some examples of brand web sites are listed below but there are more and more! Quick internet search will help you to find out more of them.


See also trailers of our three business units to get a glance of our world wide brands.

Trailer Laundry & Home Care
Trailer Cosmetics & Toiletries
Trailer Adhesive Technologies
How to Invent a new product or technology:

You have identified market trends and needs in 2030: combine this information to come up with an idea and think how it could contribute to promoting sustainable development. Read more about sustainability at Henkel and our focal ares on the website. Remember that, henkel is more interested in minds behind the ideas than the ideas themselves. As long as you have a consistent imagination of the future and your product or technology idea, the sky is the limit.



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