Not just products – solutions

Henkel offers state of the art technologies for heavy duty engines, light duty engines, HVAC / clean room, vacuum cleaners / respirator, dialysis and water filter operations. These include:

  • Hotmelts (EVA, PSA, polyolefin, polyamide, PUR) 
  • Thermosets (PUR, epoxy) 
  • Flame-retardant products (polyurethane and hotmelts) 
  • Low VOC and BHT content products
  • Anaerobic Adhesives
  • Instant Glues
  • Metal Treatment
  • Cleaners

Products for every step in the filter manufacturing chain
Henkel knows that filters must perform under a variety of operating conditions, and that filter manufacturers are constantly looking to improve their finished products. That’s why we provide a full range of bonding and sealing as well as surface treatment solutions for an almost unlimited variety of applications:

  • Seam sealing with hotmelts 
  • Frame bonding with hotmelts, dispersions or polyurethanes 
  • Joining first/last pleat with hotmelts, epoxies and MS Polymers
  • Pleating / edge sealing with hotmelt 
  • Bonding of metal end caps with polyurethane and epoxies
  • Molded end caps with hotmelt 
  • Bonding of paper end caps with hotmelt 
  • Coating of membrane filter with polyurethane and epoxies
  • Laminating of Reverse Osmoses (RO) with polyurethanes and epoxies
  • Coating of dialyze and blood originator 

Henkel products also provide long-standing oxidation stability in melt application, as well as excellent chemical resistance against fuel, gasoline and diesel at low and high temperature requirements. The result? Reduced cleaning and maintenance costs, and a longer product life cycle.

A partner you can trust
Henkel knows that selecting the right adhesive is more than just a viscosity or open time value. At Henkel, our technical teams spend time both in the field and in the labs. This market experience and dedication allows our experts to customize new products when a standard adhesive just won’t meet the requirements. Discover the difference in working with a supplier who treats customers like partners.

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