(Known As MG15F-0140R)

Loctite Hysol MG 15F-0140 is a anhydride cured molding compound designed specifically for use in high voltage power applications requiring good electrical stability at high temperatures. This material is specifically recommended for power discrete, high voltage rectifier and other applications where up until now, only silicone molding compounds have been satisfactory.

Applications Molding Compounds > Semiconductor Molding Compounds
Molding Compounds > PCB Molding Compounds
Chemistry Epoxies
Media Carrier 100 % solid (incl. Hot Melt)
Cure Type Heat cure
RoHS Compliant yes

Product information

IDH# Item Name Size
Case Quantity
Material Safety Data Sheets
1098642 0000001098642 LOCTITE HYSOL MG15F-0140R BULK
(MG15F-0140R 16MM x 8.0GM, B71)
1106538 0000001106538 LOCTITE HYSOL MG 15F-0140
1254148 0000001254148 LOCTITE HYSOL MG 15F-0140
1255718 0000001255718 LOCTITE HYSOL MG 15F-0140
1268965 0000001268965 LOCTITE HYSOL MG 15F-0140
1269797 0000001269797 LOCTITE HYSOL MG 15F-0140
1371445 0000001371445 LOCTITE HYSOL MG 15F-0140
499429 499429 Hysol MG15F0140 6 Gallon
500140 500140 Hysol MG15F0140 48MM X 60G
500225 500225 Hysol MG15F0140 13MM X 4.1G
500256 500256 Hysol MG15F0140 40.6x idh14 B
611447 611447 Hysol MG15F0140 40.6x idh14 B
744972 744972 Hysol MG15F0140 14.3MM X 4.5G, 3.5
798860 798860 Hysol MG15F0140 18MM X 7.7G
904266 904266 Hysol MG15F0140 48 MM X 60G 6 Gallon
973842 973842 Hysol® MG15F-0140R™