Hysol TRA-DUCT 2902

Silver-filled epoxy recommended for electronic bonding and sealing applications that require a combination of good mechanical and electrical properties. This two-part, smooth paste formulation of refined pure silver and epoxy is free of solvents, copper and carbon additives. Tra-Duct 2902 cures at room temperature and can be used as a cold solder for heat-sensitive components where hot soldering is impractical. This adhesive complies with the requirements of NASA's Outgassing Specification.

Applications Adhesives > Electrically Conductive Adhesives > Two Component
Chemistry Epoxies
Media Carrier 100 % liquid & paste
Cure Type Heat cure
RoHS Compliant Contact Henkel

Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

Hysol Tra-duct 2902 'Electronic bonding & sealing applications'

Product information

IDH# Item Name Size
Case Quantity
Material Safety Data Sheets
1188384 1188384 Hysol TRA-DUCT 2902 BIPAX 2.65 GR
1188476 1188476 Hysol TRA-DUCT 2902 BIPAX(S)
1188517 1188517 Hysol TRA-DUCT 2902 BIPAX 20 GR
1188576 1188576 Hysol TRA-DUCT 2902 CUS BIPAX 2.65 GR
1188637 1188637 Hysol TRA-DUCT 2902 LB BULK KIT, HARD
1188638 1188638 Hysol TRA-DUCT 2902 LB BULK KIT, RESI
1205411 1205411 Hysol TRA-DUCT 2902