Loctite 7088 Semi-Solid Stick Primer

Loctite® 7088™ Semi-Solid Stick Primer is a semi-solid form for use with Loctite anaerobic threadlockers, thread sealers, gasketing and retaining products.

Applications Adhesives > Accelerators, Activators, Primers, Cleaners (for adhesives)
Sealants > Thread Sealants > For Metal and Plastic Parts
Adhesives > Threadlockers
Chemistry Other additives or b-components
Media Carrier 100 % liquid & paste
Cure Type Anaerobic
RoHS Compliant Contact Henkel

Product information

IDH# Item Name Size
Case Quantity
Material Safety Data Sheets
1069258 1069258 Loctite® QuickStix™ 7088™ Primer
17.0 g stick
10 / case