Multicore Hydro-X Flux Cored Wire

MULTICORE Hydro-X water soluble flux cored solder wires are suitable for use in normal hand soldering operations where the components have been assessed as being able to withstand the necessary washing procedures.  Hydro-X cored wires are available in a variety of alloys conforming to similar national or international standards.  Some alloys include: 63/37, 96SC, 97SC

Applications Solder Materials > Cored Wire
Solder Materials > Solder Wire
Chemistry Liquid flux chemistry
Media Carrier 100 % liquid & paste
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Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

Multicore Multicore HYDRO-X 'Multicore Water Soluble Flux Cored Solder Wires'

Product information

IDH# Item Name Size
Case Quantity
Material Safety Data Sheets
732977 732977 MULTICORE HYDRO-X FLUX CORED WIRE-3C- 96SC- 1.63mm
5.0 kg  
733029 733029 MULTICORE HYDRO-X FLUX CORED WIRE- 96SC- 1.02 mm 3C
5.0 kg  
386845 MM00999 Multicore Hydro-X Flux Cored Wire 60/40 3C 0.81MM 0.5KG AM