Multicore LF700

A halide-free, no clean, Pb-free solder paste with a broad process window for printing, reflow and humidity resistance.

Applications Solder Materials > Solder Paste
Chemistry Pb-free
Media Carrier 100 % liquid & paste
RoHS Compliant Contact Henkel

Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

Multicore Multicore LF700 'Solder Paste'

Product information

IDH# Item Name Size
Case Quantity
Material Safety Data Sheets
1206661 1206661 Multicore 96SC LF700 AGS88.5 AFU
500.0 jar  
1206663 1206663 Multicore 96SC LF700 DAP88.5 AFU
500.0 jar
1206759 1206759 Multicore 97SC LF700 DAP88.5 AFU
500.0 jar
1206778 1206778 Multicore 97SC LF700 AGS88.5 AFU
500.0 jar
1241707 1241707 Multicore 97SC LF700 DAP88.5
500.0 jar

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