Multicore LF730

Halide-free, no clean, low voiding Pb-free solder paste, which has excellent humidity resistance and a broad process window both for printing and reflow. LF730 has been formulated to give low voiding in BGA joints, a high tack force to resist component movement during high speed placement, long printer abandon times and excellent solderability over a wide range of reflow profiles in air and nitrogen and across a wide range of surface finishes including Ni/Au, Immersion Sn, Immersion Ag and OSP Copper.

Applications Solder Materials > Solder Paste
Chemistry Pb-free
RoHS Compliant Contact Henkel

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Multicore Multicore LF730 'Solder Paste'

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lf730 lf730_idh Multicore LF730

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Henkel’s Multicore LF730 Raises the Bar on Lead-Free Solder Paste Performance