01/20/2006, Düsseldorf


boot 2006: Henkel high-tech for extreme challenges

Speedboat races at sea are many things: A challenge for technical innovations, a test of the strength of men and materials, and last but not least, a test of courage. Henkel sponsored the ocean adventure, the Rubson Raid Turquoise, along the Brazilian coast. One of the participating teams, from the Netherlands, will report on the experience at boot 2006. The crew will be present on the Yamaha stand in Hall 10 on Saturday, January 21.

Düsseldorf - At highway speeds, water is as hard as concrete. Racing at top speeds in rough seas therefore demands courage and excellent materials and equipment. The Rubson Raid Turquoise, which was held off the Brazilian coast last year, is a nautical challenge that demands teamwork and navigational skill from the participating crews. The race is open to boats with 250 hp, which reach speeds of up 100 km/h. Henkel sponsors the Rubson Raid Turquoise and now wants to give visitors to boot 2006 the opportunity to become more closely acquainted with this new, fascinating, "in" watersport. One of the participating teams, from the Netherlands, will report on its experience in the race, which is also referred to as the "Dakar Rally of the sea." One of the speedboats can also be viewed on the Yamaha stand.
Henkel sponsors the Rubson Raid Turquoise with its Rubson® brand of waterproof materials. The brand is known for its sealant products, waterproof coatings, humidity absorbers, anti-corrosion treatments, etc. The Rubson brand product range is available in France, Benelux, Spain, Portugal. The brand goes by the name "Ceresit" in Germany.