02/20/2006, Düsseldorf


Henkel and Team McLaren Mercedes continue team work

Henkel and Team McLaren Mercedes have signed a new multi-year sponsorship deal. Henkel thereby extends its partnership that began in 1995 through the Loctite brand. From this year the Henkel logo will be more visible on the rear wing of the MP4-21 race cars.

Düsseldorf - A successful cooperation starts the next lap: Henkel and Team McLaren Mercedes announce the extension of their partnership for another multi-year period. Henkel will continue to be an Official Supplier, but from this year, the Henkel logo will move to the more visible top position on the rear wing end plate of the two MP4-21 racing cars. "On racing weekends, around the world millions of viewers stick to their TV screens, closely following the stars of the circuit. Thus Formula One is a great opportunity for us to reach important target groups who, whether they know it or not, interact with Henkel brands and technologies that make their lives easier, better and more beautiful everyday", explains Ernst Primosch, Vice President Corporate Communications.

Though Henkel's logo is highly visible on the Team McLaren Mercedes MP4-21's rear wing, its technologies and innovations work unseen behind the scenes. Nonetheless they determine a lot of the performance, endurance and reliability of the cars. Parts and materials are subjected to severe stresses and strains - be they excessive vibrations, varying thermal conditions, or mechanical shocks. Failure of any of these parts and materials is not an option. "Formula One is the ideal proving ground for us", says Jochen Krautter, executive vice president, Henkel Technologies. "As world market leader we can put our products to the test at the pinnacle of motor racing and at the same time demonstrate how they successfully perform even in extreme conditions."

The MP4-21 race car is strengthened by a broad range of Henkel's high-strength Loctite brand adhesives, securing everything from threaded bolts to wiring. Already in the design phase, engineers at McLaren Racing consult with Henkel to determine the best-suited products to meet the distinct demands of any particular application. In all, more than 100 different applications of Henkel products help the car hug the track and withstand immense G-forces, torsion levels, vibrations and shocks. Even the light-weight, sturdy carbon-fibre composite bodywork that makes up 80 percent of the MP4-21 is constructed using Henkel know-how. Here, products such as Henkel's Frekote B-15 sealer and Hysol EA9686 film adhesive give the team the flexibility they need in moulding the car's aerodynamic shapes.

Henkel is continually involved in the consulting process to determine which products are the best fit for the team's particular applications. For example last year Henkel was asked to enhance the performance characteristics of the racing car's wishbones. The answer to this particular issue came from Henkel's broad expertise in automotive applications: Terocore structural foam proved to be the ideal solution. The material is rock solid, once it is cured, but beforehand it can easily be applied. The foam's low density, lightweight characteristics made it possible to enhance the structural integrity of the racing car's wishbones, whilst only adding 76 grams to each one. When Juan Pablo Montoya raced for the first time with wishbones treated with Terocore at last season's Italian Grand Prix at Monza the extra weight wasn't much of a handicap: he not only started from pole position but also won the race.

With Henkel as an Official Supplier, Team McLaren Mercedes can draw on the complete resources of the world's leading supplier of adhesives, sealants and surface treatment products - with access to some 5,000 to 6,000 Henkel Technologies products used by leading manufacturers across all industries. "In Formula One racing, having the right technologies and partners is as integral as having the right drivers and team," explains Team McLaren Mercedes CEO Martin Whitmarsh. "Henkel is a leader in its field and brings to our program a broad range of expertise, new ideas and solutions that help us get an edge on the competition."

About McLaren
McLaren Racing, the company behind the Team McLaren Mercedes team, was formed in September 1980 as a result of a merger between Team McLaren and Project Four, a British company owned by Ron Dennis, now Chairman and CEO of the McLaren Group. McLaren has won eleven Formula One Drivers' Championships and eight Formula One Constructors' Championships including the 1998 and 1999 Drivers' World Championship. McLaren has competed in Formula One since 1966 and has proven to be one of the most successful Formula One teams of all time with 148 Grands Prix wins. To date, McLaren has raced in 596 Grands Prix. For more information, go to www.mclaren.com.

Henkel - A Driving Force in the Racing World
Around the world, Henkel has an extensive commitment to motorsports. In 2004, the Henkel logo appeared for the first time on the rear-wing of the Team McLaren Mercedes race cars, thereby continuing the technical association with the team, which began in 1995 through the Loctite(r) brand. As Official Supplier, Henkel provides a wide variety of innovative solutions to the team. More than 100 different applications of Henkel products have been incorporated into the Team McLaren Mercedes MP4-21 for its challenge in the 2006 FIA Formula One World Championship. In North America, Henkel's NASCAR sponsorships include several brands with Roush Racing and driver Carl Edwards. For the three-week, 10,000-kilometer 2006 Dakar Raid through gruelling desert terrain, Henkel provided each racing team with an essential mechanical emergency kit containing a wide range of adhesives, sealants, maintenance products, cleaners and bonding tapes.

The Henkel Group, a Fortune Global 500 company, operates in three strategic business areas: Home Care; Personal care; and Adhesives, Sealants and Surface Treatments, which serves the transportation, electronics, aerospace, metal, durable goods, consumer goods, maintenance and repair and packaging industries, and offers a broad range of products for the craftsman and consumer. With brands and technologies, Henkel makes people's lives easier, better, and more beautiful. 50,000 employees work for the Henkel Group worldwide. People in 125 countries around the world trust in brands and technologies from Henkel - "A Brand like a Friend".