10/12/2007, Düsseldorf / Germany


Ernst Primosch is the new chairman of the VCI Communication Committee

VCI Communication Committee has a new chairman

Ernst Primosch, Corporate Vice President and Head of Corporate Communications at Henkel KGaA, is the new chairman of the Communication Committee of the VCI (the German chemical industry association).

A native of Austria, he has been in charge of Henkel’s worldwide communication activities since 2000. He takes over the chair from Heiner Springer, Head of Bayer AG Communications, who – true to tradition – has now become vice-chairman of the Communications Committee. In his new function, Primosch is also chairman of the Advisory Council of the “Chemical Industry in Dialogue” initiative, which has worked to strengthen and increase acceptance of the sector by means of wide-ranging communication program. Since June 2007, these activities have been carried out under the slogan "Chemie macht Zukunft" [chemistry makes the future] – with a journalistic-type web site featuring top scientists (also Nobel Prize winners) and an advertising campaign. In both cases, the message is that, as a key sector, the chemical industry wants to develop and implement new products and technologies in Germany, and to do so, it needs an open-minded environment. Topics for the advertisements, Internet sites, print media and dialogue events include biotechnology/gene technology, nanotechnology, and catalysis/energy efficiency.