09/26/2007, Düsseldorf / Germany


Henkel is focussing on cost saving packaging adhesive

Competition in the consumer goods industry is tough. To stay competitive the use of cost saving and innovative production processes is mandatory. Henkel offers a dedicated value package consisting of product, process and service, contributing to a higher quality, productivity and profitability for its packaging adhesive customers.

Partnering the consumer goods industry is more than just placing a bucket full of adhesive in front of the customer’s door. A coordinated interplay of the areas adhesive, process, service and design leads to achieving an integral, value-adding result. Henkel offers advanced tailor-made systems solutions for the individual needs of the consumer goods industry that help increase performance while at the same time reducing total costs.

Reducing total costs
Substantial savings and higher productivity are important advantages of switching a production line over to a hotmelt adhesive like Henkel’s Technomelt® Supra. It is not only more efficient than conventional hotmelts, it also helps to increase productivity through better machinability. Long term customer experiences with the use of Technomelt® Supra have proven an increase of mileage by as much as 20 to 35 percent compared to conventional hotmelts.
Technomelt® Supra’s high thermal stability prevents gelling and charring. Thanks to its chemical nature neither stringing nor cob webbing are an issue when using it in the production line. It also dramatically reduces production problems as well as scrap rates and minimizes costs for waste disposal and repackaging due to failures in bonding. Technomelt® Supra`s self-cleaning properties result in a longer life for equipment like pumps, hoses, filters and nozzles so costs for maintenance and spare parts can be significantly reduced to a minimum.

One product for all needs
Because of Technomelt® Supra’s wide and comprehensive application range it is now possible to fully convert whole production facilities to using just one hotmelt with all the associated benefits. Technomelt® Supra is suitable for a huge diversity of substrates and packages such as wraparound cartons and trays, or even paper and cardboard with coated or varnished surfaces. Thus the number of adhesives in storage often can be reduced to just one – which will lead to a lot less work and complexity in production, purchasing and warehousing.

As the product is a virtually colourless and odourless, it is excellently suited for the packaging of foods and confectionery. In addition Technomelt® Supra is approved for direct food contact which makes it suitable for a variety of packaging applications used in the food industry.

Technomelt® supra also has an extra-high yield. Thanks to its superior bond strength, adhesives consumption can be appreciably reduced without compromising on performance. So the overall adhesive usage can be reduced, and less adhesive on the packaging means easier recycling of the cardboard, making Technomelt® Supra the environment-friendly alternative to conventional hotmelts.