09/25/2007, Düsseldorf / Germany


Systems solutions for premium labels

From September 26 to 29, Henkel is presenting the latest developments in pressure-sensitive adhesives and UV coatings for hotmelt coaters and label printers at the LabelExpo 2007 in Brussels. The focus is on single-source, mutually adapted systems solutions and premium products for label converting. Henkel's appearance at the LabelExpo will provide greater insights into points raised at Henkel’s 2nd Open House for label printing and converting, held in Düsseldorf in May 2007, which drew over 150 customers and technology partners from all over Europe.

The production of pressure-sensitive labels for consumer goods and industrial applications is a highly specialized industry segment with big potential for the future. This is because the label is no longer merely a source of information, but has evolved into an important communicator of the brand image. Production technologies have also changed dramatically. The interplay of new materials, printing methods and high-performance machinery has facilitated the creation of high-tech labels whose quality is in no way inferior to the package's contents.

Premium solutions from a single source
For the production of premium labels, Henkel offers the entire spectrum of modern adhesives and coating technologies. “Our portfolio includes not only adhesives that keep the label firmly in place even in difficult conditions, but also innovative UV coatings and special effect varnishes for enhancing quality labels during the printing process,” explains Dr. Rainer Rauberger, responsible at Henkel Adhesives Technologies for Tapes, Labels, Coatings. Close cooperation with leading manufacturers of substrates and siliconized papers and of machines and application equipment ensures that Henkel is able to offer systems solutions from a single source.

This yields many advantages, above all for innovative hotmelt coaters and label printers who want to inline-coat their pressure-sensitive laminate with adhesive. With Henkel as their partner, even small and medium-size firms are capable of coating their labelstock materials themselves, without having to compromise on quality. Henkel's range contains everything they need. What's more, outstanding technical support, the optimal tools for process control and the right products for maintenance and cleaning give them a significant competitive edge.

This was one of the main topics during the highly successful Open House for label printing and converting at the beginning of May. Rauberger: “Together with our technology partners, we put together a well-balanced information package at our Open House which was highly appreciated.” Well over 150 customers and technology partners from all over Europe responded to the invitation to come to Düsseldorf to find out about the latest developments in pressure-sensitive labeling and exchange views at the industry meeting at Henkel.

Hotmelts for every application
Be it for sophisticated industrial applications or for the labeling of high-quality consumer goods, pressure-sensitive adhesives from Henkel generate added value throughout the supply chain. The portfolio of specialties comprises innovative solutions for all kinds of label constructions – removable, repositionable or permanent – and satisfies the highest standards in terms of heat and chemical resistance, chill/deep-freeze application through to the no-label look. Specifically for the LabelExpo 2007, Henkel is presenting an extensive range of innovative hotmelts for pressure-sensitive labels.

  • Premium hotmelt for wine and pharmaceuticals labels: For extremely demanding applications in bottle labeling, Henkel has developed Technomelt PS 8780 VP. It masters even the most difficult labeling tasks such as dispensing onto moist and cool surfaces (including PE), offers outstanding adhesive performance on tight radii (Mandrel performance) and shows extremely good resistance in hypercondensation and ice-water tests. The hotmelt die-cuts easily even at high speeds and can also be used for barrel labels that have to withstand seawater exposure (BS 5609).
  • Innovative hotmelt for direct food contact: Technomelt PS 8741 has been developed especially for the labeling of greasy and moist foods. Thanks to its outstanding adhesive characteristics, it is particularly suitable for labeling on extremely problematical surfaces like meat or cheese. The hotmelt is highly transparent and also ideal for applications on fruit like kiwifruits and lemons..
  • Squeezable hotmelt for cosmetics labels: Technomelt PS 8707 has the best credentials for squeezable labels on PE or PP containers – for shampoos and shower gels, for instance – which have to remain wrinkle-free even after repeated stressing. As a film it is highly transparent and is distinguished by its high heat stability, excellent dimensional stability and outstanding die-cuttability. It is also suitable for challenging industrial applications such as the labeling of hot-filled oil canisters or chemical drums (seawater resistance to BS 5609).
  • Repositionable pressure-sensitive adhesive for no-label look applications: Technomelt PS 8439 is a highly transparent hotmelt for film labels that have to be short-term removable after dispensing even from difficult surfaces. Especially for no-label look applications, it excels with its good UV stability and rapid clearing on the bottle.
  • New pressure-sensitive adhesive for premium food and logistics labels: Henkel's Technomelt PS 8739 is an attractive multipurpose hotmelt specifically for food and packaging applications. It has excellent adhesive characteristics on nonpolar surfaces and board even at low temperatures, die-cuts well also at higher speeds and is therefore suitable for highly varied applications as in the food industry, for example.
  • Innovative hot melt for reclosable applications: With Technomelt PS 8440 Henkel offers a classic hotmelt for the fast-growing market of wet wipe packages. It has good initial tack and is also suitable for highly transparent reclosable labels. Technomelt PS 8440 is distinguished by low-noise opening and outstanding reclosure performance on many substrates. It is thus a unique alternative for many tasks that have only been possible until now with solvent- or UV-based adhesives.

Special effects with UV coatings: Multilayer labels and more
Above and beyond its range of adhesives, Henkel is also offering label printers special Miracure UV coatings that give premium labels special design effects and protection. "Mboss" effects can replace mechanical embossing – even in applications where conventional embossing is impossible. Film effect coatings represent a special alternative to conventional hot and cold stamping. UV overprint coatings decorate and extend the service life of any printed label. Even for special label constructions like multilayer labels, Henkel has a solution on hand that will be presented at the LabelExpo 2007: Miracure 9091 V-EU.

Miracure 9091 V-EU is a special UV-based technology which can be processed in classic flexo printing. It is distinguished by rapid curing without the need of costly nitrogen inertization equipment for processing. For the hotmelt coating of the facestock, Henkel has in its range two mutually adapted classic hotmelts – Technomelt PS 8799 and Technomelt PS 8707 – that deliver adhesive performance geared to customer needs. For label printers without hotmelt coating, Technocure PS 4901, a pressure-sensitive UV adhesive printable at room temperature, is available in addition. This can be employed in both flexo and screen printing for inline adhesive coating.

Comprehensive service for top-notch labels
For the production of high-end labels, Henkel offers more than the just whole spectrum of advanced adhesives and coating technologies, for the premium claim also extends to product development and technical advice for customers. An important factor is not only in-house experience in the cosmetics and cleaners industry, but also continuous cooperation with leading substrate, release liner and machine/applicator manufacturers. Henkel's applications technology and technical service meet the highest quality standards, as the Company has, among other things, its own high-performance coater for classic and UV-curing hotmelts with which new developments for customers can be tested to industrial standard. Another advantage for customers is the position that Henkel occupies as an adhesives specialist and leading brand manufacturer, in both cases as a globally operating company. This explains Henkel's profound and comprehensive understanding of the needs of customers on the product side and of the requirements at all stages of label production and application.

Visit us at the LabelExpo in Brussels from September 26 to 29, 2007, Hall 7, Stand M40.