03/13/2008, Düsseldorf / Germany


Modern laundry and home care detergents offer more performance while saving on resources

“Quality and Responsibility” – Clean Performance for the Household and the Environment

Henkel has always been committed to ensuring both the quality of its brands and the sustainability of its operations. Under the ‘Quality and Responsibility’ banner, Henkel has now launched a comprehensive quality and sustainability initiative, with all laundry and home care products from Henkel aligned to exceptional product performance combined with the best possible environmental compatibility. This means, for example, ensuring maximum savings in water and energy consumption not only in production but also in the consumers’ usage of the end product. One of the prerequisites for this will, of course, be the incorporation of renewables in production, the use of recycled materials for product packaging and the introduction of specifically designed dosage and metering aids. In sharpening its focus on the twin aspects of brand performance and environmental compatibility, Henkel sees enormous potential for driving forward the development of innovative products.

“With this in mind, Henkel is optimizing all its brands and technologies in three phases: formulation, production and usage,” explains Friedrich Stara, Executive Vice President Laundry & Home Care of Henkel. As an example, the modern laundry and home care products from Henkel are designed to develop their full performance potential at low temperatures, reducing energy consumption levels in the home. Stara again: “On condition, of course, that each individual behaves in a responsible manner and chooses the more sustainable solution when making his or her purchasing decision.” Consequently, Henkel has embarked on a comprehensive consumer information campaign under the “Quality and Responsibility” banner, once again demonstrating that for Henkel high product performance and environmental compatibility belong very much together.

One of the visible signs of this worldwide initiative is the new ‘Quality and Responsibility’ logo which, since January 2008, is being gradually applied to the packaging of all Henkel’s laundry and home care products. It is destined to replace the previous “Quality from Henkel” logo. On the back of the products, below the “Quality and Responsibility” logo, there also appears an explanation of the concept behind this initiative: “For more than 130 years, our brands have combined top quality with respect for people and the environment. Our branded products offer both high performance and ecological compatibility. We manufacture them using as little water and energy as possible and under good working conditions, for resource-conserving use in the home. This is what we stand for – worldwide, today and tomorrow.”

Product performance counts
Traditionally, the brand products from Henkel satisfy the highest quality demands. This constancy is ensured by innovative research in harness with an efficient product development and application engineering capability. Hence, for example, the use of high-performing enzymes to reduce laundry wash temperatures has led to a direct reduction in the household energy requirement. Without such developments, the high performance of modern laundry detergents operating at low temperatures would be inconceivable. Years ago, laundry had to be boiled. Now quality detergents from Henkel such as Persil in Germany deliver the same performance at significantly lower temperatures while removing stains more effectively than ever before.

Natural concerns: environmental and consumer protection
Environmental and consumer protection have always been high priorities at Henkel. Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility count among the declared values of the company – not just in Germany but right around the world.