09/14/2009, Essen / Germany




Aerodag Ceramishield - And Spatter Doesn’t Matter

The whole world of welding technology will be in the spotlight at the 17th international ESSEN WELDING FAIR. From September 14 to 19, 2009, the most comprehensive international fair in the sector will present a complete overview of the latest developments and innovations relating to all aspects of joining, cutting and coating. More than 1,000 exhibitors from 42 nations will be present in Essen, among them Henkel – for the first time.

On this year’s international ESSEN WELDING FAIR Henkel (Hall 6.0, Stand 612) will present its innovative ceramic protective coating Aerodag® Ceramishield™ (formerly known as Pulve BN D 60A) for MIG/MAG welding, laser and plasma cutting and spot-welding. First experiences with the innovative product show that by using Aerodag® Ceramishield™ productivity can be increased by up to ten percent. At the same time running costs for consumables can be lowered by up to 70 percent and cleaning of the equipment can be reduced significantly. With this innovative product range Henkel is enhancing its portfolio of surface treatment and coating solutions for the industry.

Welding without downtimes
Aerodag® Ceramishield™ can be used in all MIG/MAG welding processes. Without the need for reapplication welding equipment is protected against metal spatter for the extraordinary duration of up to eight hours. The ceramic silicone-free spray coating dries within seconds and builds up a protective shield preventing the adhesion of welding spatter to contact tips or shrouds thereby granting continuous uninterrupted welding. Thanks to Aerodag® Ceramishield™ there’s no need to interrupt the welding process for cleaning – a decided productivity advantage as downtimes will now be a thing of the past.

Aerodag® Ceramishield™ ensures physical and thermal protection thus increasing service life of welding equipment by four to five times. Over the year this means significant savings while at the same time quality is increased: As the shroud remains free of spatter the gas flow is not interrupted which will result in a perfect welding seam each day and every time.

Reliable protection without impairment
When spot-welding a single coat of Aerodag® CERAMISHIELD™ protects jigs, fixtures and fittings against adhering spatter. So surface cleaning using expensive chemicals is no longer necessary. At the end of the shift spatter can be swept up with a soft brush. Also power cables, sensors, metal components and the jaws of spot welding systems can be coated with Aerodag® Ceramishield™. Once the ceramic protective coating is applied they are protected for up to one week.

As laser and plasma cutting nozzles are particularly sensitive to spatter a thin film of Aerodag® CERAMISHIELD™ offers reliable protection without impairing machine operation. The result: an extended service life of shrouds and a more reliable, continuous production with a higher productivity and revenue thanks to less downtime for cleaning.

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA