06/19/2009, Düsseldorf / Germany


CoCI accreditation for Liofol Academy training by Henkel


Official laminating technician qualification now available

For the first time, Henkel can now offer laminating technician courses accredited by the Düsseldorf Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CoCI). Henkel’s Liofol Academy study program offers participants theoretical and practical training, leading to the qualification of laminating technician in the field of flexible packaging.

Working hand-in-hand with Henkel, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Düsseldorf (IHK; CoCI in English) has now issued its first certificates confirming qualification in flexible packaging lamination techniques. The recipients numbered 17 from the packaging industry, all of whom had recently passed the “Lamination Technology” course offered by Henkel as part of the company’s Liofol Academy curriculum. The training program is especially designed for personnel responsible for the manufacture of flexible packaging materials, providing comprehensive expertise in relation to the full range of aspects associated with the lamination process.

Until recently, there was no separate training available for the operation of laminating machines tailored to this particular type of application. Now this gap has been closed by the new qualification concept offered by Henkel’s Liofol Academy. During the two-weeks of the course, experienced adhesive specialists provide the participants with a thorough theoretical and practical grounding in the principles of lamination, imparting to them a structured insight into the relevant adhesive technologies. Participants learn about different film and material types and also about test and inspection methods for assessing the laminated material, enabling them to quickly make corrections to the production process whenever this might be needed. Hands-on exercises are also included, allowing the theory learned to be put into practice under real-life conditions on Henkel’s own laminating machines. Graduates of the Liofol Academy leave with detailed knowledge of everything from how to operate metering systems to how to measure coating weights.

Successful qualification as a laminating technician is subject to the candidate passing a written exam at the end of the course, and is confirmed with the CoCI certificate. “The certificate provides verification of a good level of specialist knowledge in the field of laminating technology. By participating in the courses offered by the Liofol Academy, Henkel customers are able to gain maximum benefit from our comprehensive lamination expertise,” affirms Stefan Strenger, Market Segment Manager Flexible Packaging EMEA.

The Liofol course is designed to meet the needs of both entry-level employees and also experienced personnel who wish to deepen their detailed knowledge of the laminating process. However, proponents of other disciplines also have a good opportunity here to obtain useful technical expertise in a particularly compact form of instruction and delivery. The CoCI certificate course comprises two one-week modules taught at intervals of around 6-10 weeks. Henkel offers the courses in both English and German. For further information and dates, please go to www.liofolacademy.com/ihk.


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