07/23/2009, Düsseldorf / Germany


Anna Netrebko presents Brillance Intense Couleur


Unveiling a colour experience of unseen intensity

As market leader and fashion expert for colourations Schwarzkopf Brillance is setting new standards for colour. With Brillance Intense Couleur Schwarzkopf has developed three new shades of fascinating intensity – inspired by the glamorous world of Anna Netrebko the celebrated opera diva. Featuring 15% more colour pigments alongside the proven Diamond-Shine formula the new product line offers more colour intensity as well as longer lasting colour brilliance. The three new trend shades from Brillance Intense Couleur will be available in stores from August 2009.

Represented exclusively by the world famous soprano singer Anna Netrebko, Brillance Intense Couleur opens the door to a world of glamour and temptation. “My life is full of very intensive experiences and I want this intensity to be reflected by my hair colour,” says Anna Netrebko the superstar of the opera stage who never fails to inspire her audiences with her crystal clear powerful voice. Every detail of her appearances needs to be carefully planned and for Anna that also includes a glamorous hair colour with a fascinating shine. “I instantly fell in love with the shade ‘Black Red Composition’”, Anna discloses. “The colour just suits me perfectly and gives me the extra assurance I need when appearing in front of thousands of people.”     

Schwarzkopf Brillance has been innovating the colouration industry since 2002. Co-operating with prestigious fashion designers such as Christian Lacroix or Lavinia Biagiotti the colouration line always reflects the latest international catwalk trends. In 2009 the new Brillance Intense Couleur shades are inspired by the glamorous lifestyle of opera diva Anna Netrebko. ‘Gold Brown Symphony’, ‘Duet of Red Brown’ and ‘Black Red Composition’ – these are the new trend shades that will gives the hair real star appeal and ensure a stylish and unforgettable appearance at any time. For the new shades the Schwarzkopf colour experts had set themselves the goal of achieving a colour intensity previously unseen in the market and they succeeded. With 15% more colour pigments the colouration cream now offers an even more intensive colour experience while the proven Diamond-Shine formula gives the hair a top-class shine – not only under stage lighting.

The new shades of the Brillance Intense Couleur line offer perfect coverage for grey hair. For medium blonde to medium brown hair best results are achieved with the shades ‘Gold Brown Symphony’ and ‘Duet of Red Brown’ while ‘Black Red Composition’ is the perfect colouration for dark blonde to dark brown hair.  

Brillance Intense Couleur is available from August 2009 selling at around 6.99 Euro.
877 ‘Gold Brown Symphony’
878 ‘Duet of Red Brown’
879 ‘Black Red Composition’

Brillance Intense Couleur – colours of everlasting brilliance.

For further information on Brillance Intense Couleur please visit www.schwarzkopf.de

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