08/31/2009, Düsseldorf / Germany


IT Sourcing Agreements with Accenture, IBM and Unisys


Henkel with new IT providers in the future

Henkel signed IT agreements with Accenture, IBM and Unisys. “We are delighted to have reached a solution with our new providers that is based on state-of-the-art technologies and work methods and allows us to satisfy the demands of our IT users even more efficiently and cost-effectively,” said Dr. Peter Wroblowski, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Henkel.

Henkel has signed IT outsourcing agreements with the companies Accenture, IBM and Unisys covering the fields of application development and maintenance, data center services and end-user computing, with an aggregate contract value of around 500 million euros. 

Henkel began its IT sourcing program in fall 2008 in order to leverage existing agreements with its strategic IT providers. As major contracts are due to expire in 2010/2011, Henkel sought to both reduce IT running costs and increase service delivery quality.

A professional RFP approach was taken that engaged multiple vendors, both current and potential, to participate in the process. After a first selection round based on the coverage offered by each supplier, Henkel IT invited leading global and regional players in the market to a bidder conference at the beginning of 2009. There they were informed of the program, the scope, timings and participation procedure. Ultimately the companies chosen were Accenture, IBM and Unisys. Based on this selection, Henkel is now proceeding to the transition planning stage.

Under the terms of their seven-year agreement, Henkel will outsource to Accenture its application development and maintenance activities, including all SAP applications, business intelligence solutions, customer relationship management programs and Web applications. The program is designed to provide Henkel with a more proactive information technology function, enabling the company to reduce technology costs, improve customer service levels, and better anticipate and meet future business demands.

Accenture will deliver the services through its Global Delivery Network using one of its delivery centers in Bangalore, India.

Mathias Metzger, a senior executive with Accenture’s Consumer Goods & Services practice, said, “Accenture’s role in supporting Henkel’s further development will be to deliver streamlined and fast IT services. This engagement is designed to help Henkel achieve further growth and greater competitiveness by providing technology services that enable the company to deliver improved service to suppliers, retailers and consumers.”

IBM will take over international data center services from Henkel in six regions. In conjunction with the transitions, these services will be optimized and made available to the Henkel Group worldwide. Together IBM and Henkel will effect the transition and transformation of application and utility servers to an IBM centralized computer center environment based in two IBM computer centers located in Germany and the USA. The services offered include all computer center relevant tasks such as server management, SAP operations and email services, etc. as well as a data center LAN and the remote management of local servers at Henkel.

“With IBM’s support, Henkel will benefit from a globally optimized computer center structure which will allow Henkel to focus even more on their core business processes. The IBM solution for Henkel means significant cost reduction while flexibility of services will be increased and full cost transparency achieved. The solution for Henkel is based on IBM’s capabilities with respect to consolidation and virtualization in a shared IT environment,” emphasized Michael Diemer, Managing Director of IBM Deutschland GmbH and General Manager of IBM Global Technology Services in Germany.

Under the contract, Unisys will provide Henkel with a range of end-user services, including desktop management, service desk, deskside support and equipment repair, end point security, and transformation services following the global Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standard.

“We are delighted to serve Henkel around the world. We look forward to supporting their change agenda with innovative end-user solutions designed to help Henkel enhance employee productivity while reducing costs and increasing operational efficiencies,” said Tony Doye, President, Unisys Global Outsourcing and Infrastructure Services.

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