09/02/2009, Düsseldorf / Germany


New anaerobic Loctite Products


Hard Work

The enormous power the Terex machines wield requires the reliability that Loctite adhesives and sealants can ensure. Locating studs of the differential or sealing of the rigid flanges. This is a perfect example of how Loctite products provide optimisation in production.

Siberia, minus 50 °C. A giant truck rumbles along the gravel of the coal mines, with the powerful determination of an angry rhino. The giant used in the Siberian mines was manufactured in Scotland, just like its twin brother doing hard work in copper mines under the blazing Mexican sun. These trucks, used for heavy mining work in some of the world's most treacherous areas, are produced by the American company Terex. Vehicles exposed to the full force of extreme climates and loads rely on high-end technology in combination with solid engineering to get the job done. This is where Loctite products make an impact, and the two companies have a long standing business relationship.

Locating studs – locked with high strength anaerobic compound Loctite 648 – allow easy and fast fixturing of the differential, a crucial construction part exposed to strong forces. The rigid flanges of the differential housing are sealed with Loctite 518. Besides instant seal, Loctite 518 guarantees the reliable long-term performance because there is no gasket relaxation, and correct clamp load is maintained throughout the life of the assembly.

A wheel as big as a man
There is another way of doing it, by asking a simple question: whose products will inspire more excitement in a conversation amongst school children? Applying that measure, even Porsche and Ferrari will have hard time competing with Terex. The American firm is the manufacturer of the biggest digger and the strongest crane in the world. The list of awe-inspiring products from Terex doesn’t stop here. At the Scottish location, gigantic coal-mining trucks and other heavy duty applications are assembled. To get an idea of how big these trucks really are, just picture a wheel that is as tall as a grown man. Terex produces seven different models of these trucks, with loading capacities up to 100 tons.

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