09/03/2009, Düsseldorf / Germany


New “Henkel Innovation Challenge” student competition kicks off


A creative journey into the year 2050

Students please take note! The third “Henkel Innovation Challenge” – an international student competition – is about to get underway. The company is seeking talented individuals of all disciplines wishing to put their creativity and expertise to the test and compare their abilities on an international scale. Would-be participants are invited to log in at www.henkelchallenge.com and register their details by December 14, 2009. An exclusive language holiday awaits the winners. They will also have the unique opportunity of personally meeting Henkel CEO Kasper Rorsted.

Coinciding with the start of the new academic year, Henkel has announced the launch of the third “Henkel Innovation Challenge”. Once again the search is on for creative product ideas aligned to Henkel’s brands. Under the slogan “Take a Henkel brand into the future”, the competitors are being asked to form teams of two or three and to adopt the role of business development managers charged with the development of a Henkel product from the fields of cosmetics/toiletries or laundry and home care based on the trends likely to prevail in the year 2050. The winners of the “Henkel Innovation Challenge” will be rewarded with a language holiday to either Australia, Japan or Mexico. The three best teams will also be invited by Henkel to its headquarters in Düsseldorf where they will have the opportunity to personally meet CEO Kasper Rorsted.

Student teams from all institutions of higher learning and disciplines interested in the fields of business, economics and innovation are requested to register their participation at www.henkelchallenge.com.

The competition is being launched simultaneously in 12 European countries. The best national teams will be required to present their ideas to a jury comprised of senior Henkel managers at the beginning of 2010. The winning team from each country will then be invited by Henkel to the international final in Amsterdam scheduled for April 2010, where all contenders will have the chance to compare their abilities on an international level.

The “Henkel Innovation Challenge” provides students with an opportunity to forge valuable ties with a major international employer. The competition also gives Henkel the chance to get to know top young talents from throughout Europe. Numerous participants from previous competitions have already been recruited by the company.

There will be extensive coverage of the “Henkel Innovation Challenge” on the internet. Those interested will be able to follow the competition and exchange news on the interactive Web 2.0 pages of the social networking sites Facebook (www.facebook.com/henkelchallenge) and Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/henkelchallenge). Videos and galleries detailing events as they unfold will also be posted to YouTube.

As mentioned above, the registration period for the “Henkel Innovation Challenge” ends on December 14, 2009. Registration details and further information are available at www.henkelchallenge.com. Early entry could bring its own rewards, as Henkel will be holding a draw with further attractive prizes for teams that register by October 31, 2009.

Photo material available for downloading at www.henkel.com/press. The site offers a press dossier with a wide range of information concerning the “Henkel Innovation Challenge”, plus photos and details relating to the competitions held in previous years.

Further information on recruitment and careers at Henkel can also be found at www.henkel.com/careers.

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