09/14/2009, Munich / Germany


Henkel at drinktec 2009


Sustainable labeling solutions for the beverage industry

Within the beverage sector, drinktec is regarded as a premier forum for innovations with global reach. This world-leading trade show, to be held at Munich’s Neue Messe site between September 14 and 19, will be showcasing 1,500 exhibitors from some 70 countries and is expected to attract around 70,000 visitors from more than 160 countries. Henkel will also be around in Munich, presenting a range of sustainable solutions for the beverage industry.

Adhesives know-how is indispensable when it comes to ensuring that an attractive label will remain optimally bonded to the bottle. Henkel customers benefit from the company’s decades of experience, high-caliber advice and comprehensive support in all aspects of the labeling process. A partner to the beverage industry and bottlers in all sectors, the company has developed sustainable adhesives and innovative system solutions for the full gamut of labeling applications – solutions such as the Eticol 700 range and Henkel’s CASS systems.

Zinc-free and biodegradable
With the Eticol 700 series, Henkel is able to offer a cost-effective integrated solution for the labeling of glass bottles that sets new standards in the sustainability stakes. The adhesives of this product range are manufactured entirely from renewable raw materials in the form of casein and starch. That renders them entirely biodegradable, particularly as they contain no added zinc whatsoever – unlike conventional labeling adhesives.

The Eticol 700 range really comes into its own when applied to returnable deposit bottles  because of the comparatively much shorter time required to remove the label in the bottle cleaner. The degree of saturation of the bath is also higher, which means far less fresh water is needed. Add to this the outstanding quality and exceptional reliability of the range and it is soon apparent that the Eticol 700 series is predestined to be the adhesive system of choice for such applications.

Smooth production runs thanks to reliable process control
As a supplier of system solutions, Henkel not only provides innovative adhesives but also the equipment necessary for keeping production trouble-free. Its Central Adhesive Supply System (CASS) facilitates reliable labeling-zone process control in applications involving water-based adhesives. There is a choice of four different filling unit modules from manual to fully automatic for varying labeling requirements and customer needs. With these systems, costly downtime can be effectively avoided while ensuring the highest level of labeling quality.

A true innovation for labeling systems that has just hit the market is an integrated electronic measuring device known as SM@RT Data. This simple-looking unit about the size of a shoe box has the ability to measure inline the consumption of each individual labeling machine. So now adhesive usage can be monitored and precisely regulated with fast-response simplicity.

Henkel at drinktec 2009
There will be plenty of detailed information on Henkel’s product portfolio available from 14 to 19 September to visitors to drinktec 2009 in Munich (Hall A3, Stand 123).

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