09/21/2009, Hamburg / Germany


Solutions for the Photovoltaic Industry


Solutions for the Photovoltaic Industry

Solar power is becoming an ever more important ingredient in the energy mix of the future. As a system supplier offering innovative adhesives, sealants and cleaners for the entire value chain of the photovoltaic industry, Henkel has a significant role to play in this domain. And at the end of September, the company will be presenting its solutions for this sector at the 24th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference (EU PVSEC) in Hamburg, Germany.

Everybody who is anybody in this segment will be represented at the industrial fair accompanying this year’s EU PVSEC, which takes place on September 21 to 24. Appearing at Stand B6/1 in Hall B6, Henkel will be presenting its comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the photovoltaic industry.

Proper results in wafer cleaning
In the production of the wafers required to make solar cells, photovoltaic panel manufacturers are able to benefit from Henkel’s decades of experience in the field of industrial cleaning.  Under its P3 brand, Henkel offers a range of products providing optimum solutions for the various process stages – from pre-cleaning of the cut silicon to the main wafer cleaning operation.

At the pre-cleaning stage, P3 products help in removing the coarser residues arising from the cutting process, while their lubrication properties facilitate separation of the individual wafers – a significant advantage that promotes efficiency throughout the production process. During the main cleaning phase, Henkel’s cleaners remove all the finer silicon residues together with any acid and adhesive remnants, leaving the wafer surfaces immaculately clean.

Advances in automation
The photovoltaic industry is about to make a quantum leap in technological advancement. With automation systems becoming ever more capable and sophisticated, production capacities are now available that – even just a few years ago – were inconceivable. Henkel has been quick to develop solutions for the fully automatic production of photovoltaic modules and is able to offer the right products for the computerized manufacture of crystalline, thin-film and flexible solar panels.

Fast curing with instant initial tack for crystalline modules
The new Terostat MS range is characterized by its instant tack and an exceptionally fast build-up of strength. That makes them ideal for framing crystalline panels. In contrast to conventional systems, they eliminate the waiting time previously required for the adhesive to reach the necessary initial strength. Aside from offering outstanding instant adhesion on glass, metal and plastics, Terostat MS also scores high on weather resistance.

High level of automation with thin-film modules
Excellent weather-resistance is also a trait offered by Terostat butyl sealants. These are used in the frameless sealing of thin-film panels and can be quickly and accurately applied by all-automatic means. In contrast to the classic butyl tape method, application with this innovative Henkel system is performed in a single step directly from the drum. Consequently, a substantially higher level of automation can be achieved. Terostat butyls also impress through their high water vapor tightness, their aging resistance and their excellent resilience. Their minimal vapor permeability and excellent adhesion on glass also make this newly developed Terostat sealant type an ideal moisture barrier in thin-film solar modules.

Full-area adhesive bonding of flexible PV modules
In the manufacture of flexible photovoltaic modules, Henkel is setting new standards through the introduction of a Terostat MS, the application of which allows very fast production throughput rates. A newly developed slot nozzle system means that now flat lamination with a two component Terostat MS can be performed fully automatically with outstanding quality results. The product undergoes chemical interlinking and therefore creates a firm yet flexible joint characterized by its high resistance to temperature and tough weathering conditions.

Leading trade show in the industry
For the last 32 years, The European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition has been offering close interlinking of its own kind, with a scientific conference accompanied by an exhibition of related systems and supplies. During the five conference and four exhibition days, product innovations and technical developments will be presented to an expert audience from all areas of the photovoltaic industry and all corners of the earth.

This year’s 24th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition EU PVSEC is being staged in Hamburg, Germany. More than 4,000 conference participants and around 40,000 visitors to the accompanying exhibition are expected to file through the gates. And there will also be more than 800 exhibitors showcasing their latest ideas, concepts and engineering solutions from the photovoltaic segment. The EU PVSEC, which takes place each year at different European sites on an alternating basis, is widely regarded as the leading event of its kind in the photovoltaics world.

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