10/13/2009, Frankfurt / Germany


Technomelt hotmelt adhesives from Henkel


A hotmelt for all cases

Offering exemplary manufacturing cost-efficiency, pasting is among the most important of the post-print process technologies. And hotmelts offer a particularly decisive advantage in such applications: because they cool within seconds, yet produce an almost instant adhesive bond of sufficient strength to enable high production speeds. Hence Henkel will be providing an overview of the performance capabilities of its Technomelt hotmelts at the 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair.

With the products that make up the innovative Technomelt Cool range, users are able to achieve significant energy and cost savings in all areas of the pasting process without any trade-off in terms of the properties achieved. Compared to classic EVA hotmelts, they enable processing temperatures to be reduced by, on average, some 40°C to 130°C. And this can lead to savings of up to 30 percent in the energy charges incurred. And because the adhesive requires less heat input, the pasting machines can also be started up at an earlier stage. Moreover, the stress and strain on the machine components and applicators are also reduced, as is the amount of maintenance work required to remove combustion residues, increasing the overall service lifetime of the systems involved.

The performance balance of these low-temperature hotmelts is equally impressive: the adhesive volume applied can be reduced by up to 25 percent without any loss of bond strength, yet these products set faster and more securely than classic hotmelts. The Technomelt Cool range covers the entire application spectrum involving fast and slow-running machines. In addition, Henkel is also able to offer users of classic hotmelts a new and very distinctive product series: Technomelt Q. This comprises the full gamut of solutions from cost-efficient products for normal applications to high performers able to meet every practical requirement.

Page paste with the Wow effect
A further Henkel highlight for the graphics industry comes in the form of a new and fully comprehensive range of side glues. For standard applications, it offers EVA hotmelts of the Technomelt Q range with short, medium and long open assembly times. And then, based on a completely new type of raw material, there are two new high-performance side glues with short and long open assembly times available from within the Technomelt Ultra range. These ensure exceptional color stability in the melt without any loss of adhesive power. The stress and strain on machines are reduced as these products leave no cracked infusible deposits behind on the paste units, tubes or tank equipment. Henkel’s product developers have also succeeded in bringing off quite a surprising coup in the form of a permanently tacky page paste, available within this portfolio under the name Technomelt Tack. Although exhibiting extreme “stickiness”, it can nevertheless be applied with good manual control thanks to a smart pack solution. With this product, Henkel has succeeded in cleverly combining performance and user-friendliness – operators merely have to try it out for themselves to be immediately struck by that Wow effect.

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