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Henkel at MEDTEC Europe 2010


Light-cure adhesives for medical engineering

Currently adhesives are as vital to medical engineering as they are to virtually every other branch of industry. The use of this still relatively young joining technology is also likely to further increase in the future. Under the Loctite brand, Henkel offers a wide range of specialty adhesives specifically developed for the production of medical equipment. In particular, light-cure adhesive technologies are playing an ever more important role in this segment. And Henkel is presenting its full, integrated spectrum of innovative solutions for this field at MEDTEC Europe 2010.

Applications in which clamping, bolting, screw-fixing or welding was previously the norm have today extensively switched to adhesive bonding. Indeed, all conventional joining techniques can now largely be replaced by this modern technology. This also applies in the medical engineering field. In a direct comparison, the use of adhesives is not only more economical, it also enables the production of stronger and more homogeneous connections between materials. As well as improved product appearance, it also offers a higher degree of flexibility in terms of the selection of component materials. For the manufacture of medical items such as syringes, catheters, blood filters or cannulas, Henkel supplies under the Loctite brand a wide range of instant, construction and assembly adhesives, not to mention an attractive spectrum of high-performance light-cure adhesives.

All Henkel products are tested using the same techniques as those employed in the licensing of medical components. They are certified in accordance with the generally accepted global ISO test standard 10993. And they are subject to a continuous process of further development, ensuring that they correspond to the constantly changing technical and process-related requirements encountered in medical engineering. “Being able to bring the total solution to the customer is essential,” says Robert Whitehouse, Focus Account Manager Medical in the UK. “At Henkel, we have the adhesive technologies, the application, dispensing and curing systems plus the experience and the know how to provide a full process solution. In a market driven by quality and repeatability, one should look for a single source solution from a globally recognized leader. With the wealth of knowledge available within and around our medical team and our globally recognized brands and technologies, that leader is Henkel.”

Medical Focus Segment Team showcasing new technologies
During MEDTEC Europe 2010 Henkel is highlighting new technologies and equipment available to create the best assembly, design and product solution for the customers. Members of the new Henkel Medical Focus Segment team will be on hand at the trade fair to be held in Stuttgart, Germany. Consisting of senior Product Development, Technical Service, Sales Engineers and Market Managers, this team will be present to showcase the new technologies available to the medical market customers.

“All members of our MEDTEC team will be on hand to answer customer questions and to solve customer problems. We are encouraging customers to bring their parts, questions and ideas to our professionals at the show and sit down together to form a solution to their problems,” says Grant Kupko, Focus Segment Manager for the Medical Segment.

Light-cure adhesives that set within seconds
The light-cure adhesives from Loctite make a visible difference: they are ideal for the bonding of clear and transparent materials where an integral appearance is desired. These bonding agents are made to set within seconds without the need for any additional heat input by simply eradiating them with UV or visible light. The adhesives are fluorescent in make-up. Not only do they enable rapid manufacturing speeds, they also allow a 100-percent in-line surveillance system to be maintained while maximizing productivity. And the technology offers further advantages in the form of easy in-process handling: until the adhesives are exposed to the light source, they remain permanently fluid so that the components to be bonded can be precisely aligned prior to curing. As single-component systems, such solutions also eliminate the need for time-consuming and costly mixing. And not least, these solvent-free adhesives from Loctite also meet the highest demands in terms of environmental compatibility and occupational safety.

LED curing and dispense equipment: Single-source equipment supply
There are four major factors that have to be taken into account in the industrial application of light-cure adhesives: the emissions spectrum of the curing system, the light intensity required, the transmittance of the material being bonded and the requisite curing properties. The selection of the right equipment and coordination of these tools with the relevant adhesive are decisive for the quality of the join. Henkel’s portfolio includes not only the adhesives technology but also the necessary hardware for metering, curing and monitoring. Modular equipment technology from Loctite guarantees bubble-free flow metering in accordance with the high reliability standards applicable to medical products. Various light-cure systems are also available for both blanket and focused light irradiation, depending on the application. As a system supplier, Loctite is able to ensure the ideal interplay between all the major components influencing the outcome, for maximum joint quality every time.

New epoxy adhesives for the Medical Market
Epoxies are traditionally well known for their chemical resistance, high adhesion to a variety of substrates and good bond strength. Now the advantages and benefits of an epoxy are also available to the medical market. These adhesives have a proven history in providing reliable solutions in device assembly and prove to be versatile in performance offering.

Henkel at MEDTEC Europe 2010
Visitors to MEDTEC Europe in Stuttgart, Germany, scheduled for March 23 through March 25, 2010, will find extensive information on the entire Henkel product portfolio at Stand 1610 in Hall 6.

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