03/02/2009, Düsseldorf


A breath of fresh air

Henkel’s AEROBOND system is substantially reducing process cost

In order to support the production managers in their search for effective ways to maximise productivity while reducing costs, Henkel continues to deliver customer benefits through strategic innovation. Henkel’s AEROBOND system is one example which is substantially reducing process times and simultaneously improving efficiency in lamination in the paper and wood industries, now with 150 customers worldwide.

The AEROBOND system incorporates a laminating adhesive with a unique foaming device – the “GLUE-MIX”-unit – which introduces controlled quantities of air into the specially developed adhesive and distributes the same optimally. This combination increases the volume of the adhesive significantly which also means a significant reduction in the quantity of adhesive used for the same application volume.

The unit also has a substantial impact on conditioning times. Traditional adhesive blends typically have a high moisture content which can slow down production lines with a requirement for conditioning times of anything up to 24 hours. With AEROBOND, the volume of air in the mix reduces moisture quantities and lengthy conditioning times are cut to a maximum of around 2 hours whilst bond security is increased.

The resulting reduction in moisture from the glue line also results in a significant improvement in flat position. Additionally, the aerated adhesive can better accommodate unevenness in the substrate surface, optimise initial tack, and reduce instances of defective bonding. Henkel’s specially formulated AEROBOND adhesives exhibit very clean machining even at the highest production speeds. Easy to use, the AEROBOND system gives production line managers much more flexibility, reduction of cleaning procedures and allowing in-line production.

Many modern adhesive applicators operate with counter-rotating roller systems transferring glue directly onto different substrates such as open and covered corrugations, or full board. Printed sheets will be laminated onto the substrate during this process.

AEROBOND is currently being used globally in sheet-to-sheet lamination, inline lamination and in the wood industry. GLUE-MIX stands out through its simple operation, robust design and reliability. When combined with AEROBOND lamination adhesives, GLUE-MIX can demonstrate its full potential and reliability. Henkel is leading in adhesive foam technology in the laminating market and is represented in every continent.