02/24/2009, Düsseldorf


At Home in the Future

Showing great stickability – Pritt Stick turns 40

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” When Neil Armstrong uttered these memorable words on becoming the first man on the moon on July 20, 1969, the future instantly became reality. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Henkel was also causing quite a stir with something pretty revolutionary of its own. For it was also 40 years ago that the world’s first glue stick from Pritt began its conquest of the planet. In the intervening years, Pritt has regularly reinvented the future of bonding, making more headway than the generation of Armstrong and co. could ever have imagined.

The idea was as simple as it was ingenious. In 1967, Dr. Wolfgang Dierichs was in a passenger airliner flying high above the clouds when he suddenly had a flash of inspiration. On seeing a young woman pull out her lipstick and, with practiced hand, apply her rouge, the Henkel researcher pondered what turned out to be a key question of logic: How come no one had yet come up with a paper adhesive in the form of a lipstick? Small and handy, easy and accurate to apply, and always ready for action – it had to be a must! Just two years later, while – some 400,000 kilometers away – the team of American astronauts around Neil Armstrong were experiencing the pinnacle of human adventure, the world’s first glue stick saw the light of day in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Since that time, the solvent-free Pritt Stick sporting Henkel’s classic red-and-white team colors has broken all records. Today, people right around the globe purchase more than 130 million Pritt Sticks every year – there is no more successful paper adhesive. To date over two-and-a-half billion units have been manufactured, making enough glue stick to leave a line of adhesive extending from the earth, past our satellite the moon, on to Mars and then all the way back again. And the fact that this model of success from Henkel was also capable of withstanding just such a journey was also actually proven some years ago. For a Pritt Stick was used in 2001 on the ISS – the international space station – under the toughest (outer-space) conditions and with weightlessness abounding, as a result of which it became the world’s first branded product to be awarded the certificate of “Space Proof Quality” issued by the European Space Agency. Proof positive that Pritt works perfectly across the universe!

Pritt looks to the future – as it did 40 years ago
Over the last four decades, Pritt has – in the minds of young and old alike – become synonymous with gluing and correction excellence. At home, at school or in the office, Pritt's multifaceted capabilities make people's lives easier, better and more beautiful. That is why this successful brand has always accepted the challenge of shaping tomorrow’s world with visionary products made available today. As an example, the new Pritt MyStyle collection comes in an exceptionally innovative and elegant design. The correction roller line, comprising the B-Fun, D-Lux and I-Tool, excels not only because of its pleasant and practical handling characteristics but also because of its remarkably attractive appearance. As a result, what was once regarded as a functional office product has been transformed into a designer accessory now also accentuating the individual style of its user. In recognition of the outstanding creative credentials of the MyStyle collection, Pritt was once again selected for the “red dot product design award” in 2008.

Meanwhile, children can go wild enjoying hours of “crafty” fun with the products of the Pritt KidsArt range. And the new Pritt Paintball is also bound to please little artists everywhere. Filled with washable, solvent-free watercolor, it works in exactly the same way as a roll-on deodorant. So conjuring up bright and colorful pictures now really is child’s play. Unlike painting with conventional watercolors, the Pritt Paintball keeps mess to a minimum – no dripping paintbrushes, no tipped up beakers of water. Thanks to its easy usability, the Pritt Paintball is ideal even for children as young as three. It encourages creativity, promotes those fine motor skills and increases concentration span. Following thorough testing, these benefits have also been confirmed by the Center for Experiential Education in Belgium which recommends the Pritt Paintball for kindergartens and nurseries.

A responsibility for the future
In order to make sure that today's world is also able to offer shelter and succor tomorrow, Pritt's innovative endeavors are closely tied in with the development of sustainable product solutions. The highest priority is assigned to the ecological compatibility and product safety offered by this successful range. And it is for this reason that the entire range of glues from Pritt is solvent-free. Around 90 percent of the adhesive constituents used in a Pritt Stick are made from natural renewables, while the packaging is manufactured from recycled material. It was back in 1991 that the change-over from petroleum-based PVP glue sticks to plant-based systems began. Henkel was finally able to completely remove PVP from its Pritt Stick in the year 2000, replacing it with modified starch, and Henkel remains the only company in the world offering this environmentally sound alternative. The idea of sustainable products also being light on the wallet has also been embraced with the advent of the Pritt Refill Roller Pro. This new correction roller is readily replenishable, making it ideal for frequent usage. Offering correction that’s fast, precise and clean – also from an ecological point of view – this product is a friend to all.

In this anniversary year, there is of course no lack of exciting campaigns and activities extolling the qualities of the Pritt range. For more information, please go to www.prittworld.com.