01/19/2009, Düsseldorf


Pattex Power Tape: The Strongest Power Tape Ever

Henkel Introduces Next Generation of Power Tapes

Henkel increased the adhesion of its Pattex Power Tape making it the strongest Power Tape ever. The new tape is so strong that it adheres even to wet surfaces.

It is significantly stronger and sticking even to wet surfaces – the new Pattex Power Tape from Henkel. The secret behind this next generation of duct tapes is an innovative hotmelt-based adhesive used in production, enabling it to stick to non-porous wet surfaces and substantially raising its adhesion. “That’s why we call it the strongest Power tape ever”, says David Soenen, Henkel’s International Product Manager for Tapes.

All other well-known characteristics of the Pattex Power Tape are kept. The extra strong, 100% waterproof tape is composed of three layers. It offers high tack and superior holding power. Pattex Power Tape can be used inside and outside, is tearable by hand – making scissors redundant – and has a very high temperature and UV resistance.

Valued by many as the professional’s and DIY-er’s best friend, the scope of Pattex Power Tape is nearly unlimited. All kind of materials can be fixed, repaired or sealed – now even on wet surfaces. Soenen: “Our next generation of Pattex Power Tape proves that it’s state of the art. An ultimate tool for consumers and professionals proving once more that Henkel is a true leader in innovation.”

The new Pattex Power Tape is available in different lengths (5m, 10m, 25m & 50m) and colors (silver, black, white, green, red, yellow & orange). With Pattex Power Tape Crystal Clear a transparent version of the proven fixing solution from Henkel is already available on the shelves.