04/19/2010, Düsseldorf / Germany


Annual General Meeting 2010


Henkel reaffirms 2012 targets

At today’s Annual General Meeting of Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Kasper Rorsted, Chairman of the Management Board, reaffirmed the company’s long-term targets and detailed the progress made in pursuing its strategic priorities. “We are on the right track to achieving our 2012 targets. Despite the significant challenges that it presented to us, fiscal 2009 was still a year in which we were able to make a number of material advances,” Rorsted said. Dr. Simone Bagel-Trah, Chairwoman of the Shareholders’ Committee and of the Supervisory Board, made a point of thanking both the Management Board and Henkel’s employees for their enormous commitment in the past financial year, a period characterized by, in her words, an extraordinarily difficult economic environment. “Thanks to our motivated team, all our business sectors developed successfully,” Bagel-Trah emphasized.

In view of the current economic climate, Kasper Rorsted, Chairman of the Management Board, advised caution: “Although the world economy has meanwhile stabilized, we are still far away from the normality that we enjoyed prior to the crisis. Consequently, it is still too early to return to ‘business as usual’. The global economic risks have not gone away. And added to these, we are having to contend with ever increasing economic pressures affecting every sector and region.” Therefore, Rorsted stressed, it was all the more important to secure the company’s future competitiveness by taking the right decisions and implementing the right measures.

Rorsted was nevertheless encouraged by the company’s performance at the beginning of the current fiscal year. “Henkel has made a good start to 2010 with all three of our business sectors reporting initial successes.” Further details would be available with publication of the report for the first quarter on May 5. Looking at 2010 as a whole, Rorsted reaffirmed the targets for the year as stated at the company’s recent annual press conference. “We intend to gain market shares in all three of our business sectors, while also increasing by more than ten percent both adjusted operating profit and adjusted earnings per preferred share.”

According to Rorsted, the points of focus for fiscal 2010 include expanding Henkel’s business in the growth regions, strengthening its top brands and deepening its customer relationships, as well as developing its employees and strengthening the company’s global team.

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